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Review of Justice Doll Nightshirt

Hi everyone you may be asking where have you been for the past few days well here ‘s your answer.DSC04579

Yep I got it at Target the a few days after it came out. I loved it so much if your planning on reading it WARNING: It is in script form like Shakespeare but still it was just as good as the other ones. I actually almost cried a few time I yelled at Albus and then at Harry! Great book! 🙂 LONG LIVE SLYTHERIN! Okay now onto the post.


Here’s the nightgown it’s a pale blueish color.


It has a bunch of cute sleepover must haves!


The sleeves are have little sprinkles on them.


The length is right above the knee or a little higher.


It has velcro on the back very nice and sturdy.


Ha! I just thought I’d but Cecile’s slippers on her.. they didn’t come with it. 😀


Overall I’d give this a 5 stars it’s the same quility as AG except for half the price I pretty sure it was $10.90!




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