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Emily’s Tips for An Extra Clean Room (for dolls and humans)

Hi everyone!! :)! Sorry for the no posts in a little while.. I have big news.. I start school tomorrow!! :O Ahh! I’m excited and sad I’m excited because I’ll get to go back to my homeschool co-op but sad because relaxing days of summer are over! 🙂 Well now onto the post.


I know this is kinda weird but I was cleaning my room and I was like I need to share these tips! 😉

  • Don’t be scared.. it’s going to be scary but deep cleaning your room is something you need to do.
  • Have fun listen to upbeat music or pretend your a movie star and the paparzzi is coming to interview you in your room.
  • Don’t get distracted stick to one area of your room like desk or dresser don’t skip around do a full complete job on one area before moving onto another
  • The first thing you should do is make your bed. It makes the room look a whole lot cleaner if the bed is made.
  • Organize it really helps label bins or clean out ones.
  • If your feeling especially efficient go through your things while cleaning go through your books or stuffed animals. 🙂

Hopefully these cleaning tips help you clean your dolls and yours room! 😉


Geeky_Girl ❤



5 thoughts on “Emily’s Tips for An Extra Clean Room (for dolls and humans)

  1. Thanks for the tips! One of my favorite tips is to just close you closet doors! Even if the inside of your closet is clean, just shutting the door(s) makes the room look so much nicer in second! (credit to my mom)


  2. Good luck with the new school year! I start my next paralegal class in 10 days – I’m really excited. I’m almost done with the program. Thanks for the tips – I’ll be applying these to various areas of the new house my husband and I bought in June!


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