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Apple’s EAH Shoe Collection


Hello my subjects.. it’s been so long since I have blessed you with a post about ‘ma! I shall show you my royal lovely shoe collection!


My first pair is actually Evelyn’s there quite ugly and very gothic. *throws out the window*


Next these are a beautiful pair of chain shoes.. I use them for Halloween.


These are my favorites there not even mine my BFF left them over and well.. finders keepers.. xD (just kidding I have to give them back).


These are an adorable pair of Maddie’s slippers they’re quite small but very cute.


Boots very cute and water shoes I would use them but I don’t swim this face can’t stand the sun.

Now to extra pictures of her majesty.


Ta-ta! 😉

Apple ❤

Thanks for that post Apple! 🙂 Thanks all for reading! ❤ I hope you enjoyed.

Geeky_Girl ❤


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