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Melody’s IS Here

Yay!! I’m so excited the new Beforever doll Melody Ellison has been released. Melody’s time is in Detroit, Michigan in the 1960’s during the Civil right movement. Her passion is singing and she has a cute dog named Bo. (I wish she had a cat)

All Pictures Courtesy of AG

Melody’s Collection

melody 1

This is Melody’s spring dress I really like it. The shoes are so cute. I also love how it comes with the gloves.

melody 2

My favorite outfit in her collection. I just love the pajama’s. They kinda look like Maryellen’s the style. The slippers are to cute look at the little puff pall.

melody 3

I’m not the biggest fan or this outfit. I don’t like the shirt very much. It’s just to stripey. The pants are pretty cute though.

melody 4

Oh! This dress is so pretty. I love the bows and the sash. The shoes are pretty plain but I love the dress.

melody 5

Okay! I love this set but $68.00 no way. It’s cute but not for the price.melody 6

I really like her bed it’s $95.00 which I think is fairly reasonable for AG. The bedding is super cute I like the storage in the bed.

melody 7

I absolutely adore the little radio! The elephant is so cute. I wish it came with less paper stuff though. Like a jewerly box or a necklace.


Last but not least Melody herself which I think she is a cute doll. I will say her hair is a little pouffy. I really love her dress though. I don’t think I will be getting here but I may get some of her outfits.

Thanks for reading! Are you considering getting Melody?



(Do you like my new sign off?)




7 thoughts on “Melody’s IS Here

  1. Love your new header. Also think your new sign off is cute!
    Nice spotlight on the collection. Her pajamas are really cute. I might get them. I love the tassel top, but then we watch a lot of movies from the 60s and that outfit is spot on for authenticity.
    I really like the new BeForever doll and her time period, but wish they would have named her Tina or Diana. Love the name, Melody (obviously) – now it’s like being a Jennifer or Sarah or Emma (if you know what I mean). šŸ™‚


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