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The Trip

Hi everyone!! I’m back with a new photo-story! Yay! It’s been pretty long since I did one so…. πŸ˜‰

Emily’s POV


I shoved another notebook and my 7th pair of shoes into my suitcase. We’ll be gone for 6 nights which means I’ll need a lot of clothes. I started shoving more things in.


All of a sudden a barking furry puppy by the name of Cooper (I finally name him) bounded into the room. “I’m going to miss you on vacation.” I said snuggling Cooper in my arms.


“Your so lucky you get to go on vacation.” cried Molly walking into the room.


She sat down. “I’ll miss you..” she said. “Thanks! Marisol said that all she’d do was steal my clothes and have a party.” I said.


“Hi guys!” said Kristen walking on in. “Is it a party in my room or what?” I cried. “Why are you still in your pajama’s?” asked Molly. “2 words .. I’m homeschooled.” replied Kristen.


(These next 2 pictures came out blurry sorry). “I wish I could go with you.” said Molly enviously. “Maybe you’ll go on the Thanksgiving trip.” said Kristen hopefully.

DSC_0191Molly soon left, “I can’t wait for our vacation adventure!” said Kristen. “Me neither.” I replied.

Thanks for reading!



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