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Designing Brooklyn’s Room

Ahh! It’s been 10 whole days since I posted. I’ve been so busy with little time to post and take pictures. I’ll try to start posting more soon or prepare and schedule some posts. Okay! So you remember when I did Lyssie’s room well.. Brooklyn having been here for almost a whole year, has never had her own room! What better way to celebrate a year by making her here own room. 🙂 (Her 1 year anniversary is Dec. 25)


First I started with a plain cardboard base which came from a My Doll Life As set. I like the My Life packaging because most of there sets are the perfect length for doll beds.


I draped a blanket over it and added some doll pillows!! (EMOJI!!! ;P )


Add some books and a nightstand courtesy of a  doll folding chair.


Then I used the little vanity that came with the doll wardrobe and used it as a little desk thingy.


Brooklyn loves her new room and so does Lulu! 😉

Do you like decorating doll rooms?


2 thoughts on “Designing Brooklyn’s Room

  1. That’s a great room! It looks really cute! I have only gotten to decorate my doll’s living room, but it’s fun- as long as you have furniture and stuff to actually decorate with! 😉


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