The Circle of Thanks 2 + Why I’m Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 🙂 As my friend says today is a day of food and thanks of course. 😀 If you weren’t here last November you may not have seen The Circle of Thanks. You can see last here’s here.

Emily’s POV


“Well everyone.. Happy Thanksgiving.. and welcome back.” I said.

“This annual Circle of Thanks is much different from last year’s.” I said.


“It’s because me and Lyssie, are here!” cried Brooklyn.


“Me and Marisol.. are going to start.” said Molly.

“If you don’t remember the rules. It’s simple.. if you have the stuffed animal then you have to say 1 thing your thankful for. After you say it through the animal to another person.” explained Marisol.

“GO!!!” yelled Molly.


“I’m thankful for.. my high tops.” cried Lyssie.


“2! Okay.. umm… ice cream and.. my warm bed.” stuttered Molly.


“Again! All of our pets.” cried Lyssie.


Soon enough both animals were in the middle.


And we all dog-piled in…

“Deja-vu..” said Marisol.



I’m so thankful for so many things in my life.

  • My family
  • The amazing youth group I’m part of
  • The mercy that God has given me
  • The awesome followers who follow this blog
  • And so many other things.

So now I’m so excited to announce that The Dolls of Texas has 81 followers! Last year at this time we had around 24 we’ve grown so much since then. So thank you! 😉

-Geeky_Girl  ❤

What are you thankful for?



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