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Lori Food Review

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Eek! Christmas is just around the corner and I so excited. It feels like I haven’t posted in ages. Well I guess it sort has been ages.. 2 weeks to be exact. I really missed posting.. I was on vacation for a week and the rest… well just had no motivation. But do not fear because a bunch of new holiday themed awesome posts are just around the corner. ❤


Over Thanksgiving, I went to IL to visit family. While I was there we ventured over to Target on Black Friday night, and I came across this Lori little doll food set. Normally priced at $14.99. I was able to get it half off with another purchase for $7.49. Yay! 🙂 This set is super awesome, it comes with all the food above as well as an apron. (not pictured)


First off is the sushi.. this might be my favorite out of the whole set. Even though I don’t like sushi. The sushi is super realistic and the little bamboo board thing rolls up.


The chopsticks are adorable and oh-so tiny.


The set came with 3 little bags that are filled with quinoa, goji berries, and rice. I find the goji berries and quinoa interesting because the set is targeted for like 8+ and at 8 I had no clue what goji berries were. 😛


The ice cream is so cute. I think they meant for it to be the little 1 serving size cartons.


The ice cream comes with 4 containers. I’m still wondering what the blue is meant to be flavor wise. The ice cream scoop is such a cute touch and it fits perfectly in the dolls hands.


The pizza is adorable.. it looks os real. The brocoli sadly does not come out of its little container. The casserole is adorable as well and very sturdy.


Next is the lemonade.. you kinda’ve can’t see it cause of her dress.


But the lemonade does come with 2 glasses plus the adorable pitcher.


The fondue is an adorable part. I love the little skewers.


The pink bowls.. I’m not sure what’s in them.. rice. They also came with lids. The ice cream bars are cute. They remind me of the AG ones these also fit in the dolls hands perfectly.


Here’s all the food in the doll house fridge. I would definitely rate this a 5 star item. ❤

Thanks for reading.

-Geeky_Girl ❤


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