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December Goals

Hello everyone!! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas.. almost! πŸ˜‰ I’ve decided to start doing these monthly goal posts because… it’s nice to have a small schedule!

Posts to Look Forward to This Month…

  1. The Nutcracker (most likely starring Kristen)
  2. A Christmas Tree Photo-Shoot
  3. Llama Love (photo-shoot)
  4. A Cute Nativity Photo-Story
  5. Christmas Eve (post)
  6. Christmas Haul (post)

Probably there will be more but that’s just a little outline. I also want your opinion… how did you likeΒ Life With the Oakstens. Would you like for it to keep going? Comment below with your opinion. ❀

-Geeky_Girl ❀

P.S Merry Christmas.. lovely followers. OH and thanks so so so much for the 80 something followers. Maybe we’ll have 90 by Christmas! <]-


13 thoughts on “December Goals

    1. Thanks! I’m glad your looking forward to it. I didn’t outright ask for any AG dolls.. but my parents do know I really would like Mary-Ellen or her clothes. ❀ Did you ask for any AG things?
      -Geeky_Girl ❀

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      1. Your Welcome! Mary-Ellen is a very gorgeous doll! I love her poodle skirt outfit! She is a doll that I am hoping to buy or receive in the very near future! I am asking for Melody and some AG clothes! I hope you get Mary-Ellen!


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