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My Thoughts on Gabrielle McBride

Hi guys! šŸ™‚ I hope you all had an awesome New Year. Happy 2017! I can’t wait to see what this year holds in store for this blog and just everything else. Anyway, the GOTY came out. Yay! And I thought I’d do a review/overview about her and her clothing.

Photo Credit: American Girl Website



First off the doll herself. I love Gabrielle’s Meet Outfit but I’m not the biggest fan of the doll. She looks alot like some of the TM dolls. I just wish she was a little more unique.



Her accessories are adorable. Doll sized bobby pins are always needed. The band-aids don’t make that much sense to me because she’s a dancer.. I get if you were playing soccer. But dance I don’t see as a sport that would need band-aids.




These are so cute. The slippers are adorable and the top is super cute. This outfit could probably pass as a regular outfit if you added different shoes.



Gabby’s cat Maya. The cat creeps me out to be honest. It’s the eyes that just look strange. No offense Maya. šŸ˜›



This set is super cute. The price surprises me considering Isabelle’s dance barre was $68 or so when she came out.



The showtime accessories aren’t doing much for me. It seems like all things you could kinda’ve piece together on your own.



I love this outfit so so so much. I will certaintly be purchasing it in the near future. It comes with leggings, shorts, a leotard, those cute shoes, and the little over shirt thing for $28. What!



This outfit is also adorable as well. I love the top as well as the gloves.



I want these so badly. The performance case.. :D! The headphones are so cute. I wish AG made just a headphone set. šŸ™‚

So that’s my opinion on Gabrielle’s things.

-Geeky_Girl ā¤



9 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Gabrielle McBride

  1. I completely agree on the doll, I think her meet outfit is kind of cute, but it could have been a little more unique ( I think) and Gabby is literally #46 with her hair in a high pony tail… :/ but I still think she is cute for anyone without #46 or anyone who looks like her… I would get her if 1 I didn’t get a doll for Christmas and 2 weren’t planning on getting a couple more AG doll’s this year…who knows, maybe she will be added to my collection since she will be here for longer than just 2017. Her accessories are cute! The kitten is overpriced in my opinion, who would pay that much for a tiny little kitten stuffed animal? I think that the dance bar is okay, being that Isabelle already had one. I really like her showtime accessories and her performance case though!


  2. Trust me, you need band-aids at dance class. *thinks of all the times jazz and tap caused me trouble* *hides in terror*

    Lol, memories of dance… Tap was fun… Gabi’s tap shoes…. uhm… why they so blingy?

    The dance bar set tempts me…


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