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AG Spring Release/Part 2

Ooops! I noticed I forgot to post the second part of my overview for AG’s Spring Release. In the last release which can be found HERE <–, I reviewed Tenney Grant and Felicity Merrimen’s collection. In this post I’ll be reviewing/overviewing Truly Me and the other Beforever stuff. 🙂

Warning: Not everything AG Released this summer is in the post. 

Photo Credit: American Girl Website

ag 1

Bright Blooms Dress – $28

Adorable, perfect for easter. The dress is super pretty. I love the rhinestone belt and the sandals.


ag 2

Bright Tankini – $28

Not so sure, I like the pattern, I don’t think orange will look good on any of my dolls though. The flip-flops also look a little cheap.

ag 4

Summer Cooler – $28

This is so cute. I love the sandwiches and the raspberries??

ag 5

Stars Volleyball Set – $34

I absolutely love this set. I don’t play volleyball, I play softball. But my best friend is teaching me how to play volleyball. I love the socks. I’m a lover of crazy socks.

ag 6

Pink Ballet Set – $28

Cheaper than the last ballet set which was $34. I love the grey crop top and the legwarmers. I really want this set for Marisol.

ag 7

Sleepover Fun Set – $34

I like the old set better. I do think this one is cute too. The Uno cards are really cool.

ag 8

Stripes and Dots Swimsuit – $14

Did anyone else see the price. The same price as a Target brand swimsuit. :O I really don’t like the print though. If it didn’t have the weird zipper. I’d totally get it.




ag 9

Flamingo Swimsuit – $34

This is my favorite out of the Beforever Spring Release. It’s so cute. I love the sandals. The swimsuit could also be used as a cute summer romper thingy. 😛

ag 10

Julie’s Bathroom – $175

I love the bathroom, my dolls currently do not have a bathroom sadly. 😦 I really like this one, though it is above my price range.

ag 11

Peasant Blouse and Skirt – $32

This is a cute outfit, I probably won’t be purchasing it but it’s cute. I don’t really like the shoes.

ag 12

Julie’s Basketball Hoop – $38

I like this set. The basketball hoop is a cool idea.

ag 14

Kit’s Mini Golf Outfit – $34

SO CUTE! I love this outfit. The plaid is awesome!!

ag 15

Mini Golf Set (Kit) – $48

Fun idea, it looks like real green. A creative idea.

So as I said I didn’t review some things Rebecca’s Collection, Truly Me-Mix n Match, I may get around to those soon.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM





5 thoughts on “AG Spring Release/Part 2

  1. Hmmm, $14 for the one swim suit. I kind of like it, but wonder if the zipper pull lays flat. the one on the sparkly purple PWP jumper doesn’t.

    Love the cooler and sleepover set and Julie’s new outfit, but we have enough skirts.


  2. I like the bathroom, but even though it is for Julie, they should tone down the bright colors. They are kind of intesnse. That is my opinion. Or maybe they should make a modern one.


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