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Z Yang’s Release

Today, I was exploring the wonders of the AG sight when I came across this…

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.53.33 PM.pngThe photo showing her release. I had completely forgot about it, until today. After AG released Tenney, Logan, and Felicity. I was so excited I forgot all about Z. Today, I’ll be showing you her collection.

Z 1


Z Yang Doll – $115

She’s adorable! I love her hair! Her smile tee is super cute. I’m not the biggest fan of the skirt though.

Z 2

Z’s Accesories – $32

The beanie!!! ❤ Her glasses are a beautiful color, the scarf looks small for an infinity scarf. It’s to expensive for me though. I wish they just sold the hat.


Z 5

Z’s Filming Accesories – $28

I NEED THESE! They’re the best thing AG’s released in forever. It comes with a little mini camcorder. 😀

Z 6

Z’s Scooter – $50

Is that a dollie Go-Pro! The stickers are cute. I don’t understand the knee pads. No one wears knee pads while scootering.


Z 7

Z’s Dog – $28

It reminds me of AG’s old dog. I wish he was more unique.

Z 9

Easy Breezy Outfit – $28

This outfit is adorable and a reasonable price. The shoes are so so so cute. The pants have an adorable pattern too.


Z 10

Z’s Desk – $125

To expensive but adorable All the cute movie making things and the monitor. 😀

Sightseeing Outfit – $32

I love this outfit. The shoes are such a pretty color. I don’t like the crop top thingy. But the dress is so cute.

Overall I love Z’s collection. I wish they would’ve spent more time making things for Felicity instead of releasing Z though.

What’s your favorite thing from Z’s collection?

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2 thoughts on “Z Yang’s Release

  1. I do like her outfits and the smaller accessory sets. I’ve seen some interesting thoughts pop up on DIY Z’s desk. It’s not a terrible price for everything that is included…I wonder if the DIY version is less when you figure in materials and time to construct.


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