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What is She Doing?

It’s game time! Yay! Woo!



Today’s game is…..







What is She Doing?/What are They Doing?

I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately for games, so I thought why not. πŸ™‚


  • Caption the photo down below, putting down what the dolls might say or think.
  • Keep it appropriate

The winner will receive free graphic, that I’ll be making. Your entries must be in by, July 27th that’s 10 days to enter. After that, I’ll pick my 2 or 3 favorite captions and then you’ll get to vote on them. πŸ˜€


I’ve given you three angles to work with. So you can get the whole picture.












Also….. I have a question for you..

What do you want to see-.png

What do you want to see?

What type of posts do you want to see more of on this blog. Do you want more photostories, contests, games, photoshoots, if so what type of photostories, or photoshoots. πŸ™‚ Please comment down below. I really would like to know whatΒ youΒ want.





6 thoughts on “What is She Doing?

  1. Maryellen: Aaaaaand cut!
    Kirsten: Guys, seriously, what did you say you were doing?
    Emily: We’re making a movie. Marisol and I are the actresses, and Maryellen’s the director.
    Kirsten: I see. What’s it about?
    Marisol: Ummm….Maryellen knows what it’s about.
    Kirsten: Maryellen?
    Maryellen: Well, if I told you, it would spoil the surprise!
    Kirsten: But who’s got the camera?
    Doll in bed (we’ll assume it’s Molly): Me! Isn’t filmography so difficult?
    Kirsten: Not when you’re sitting in bed.
    Molly: Huh?
    Kirsten: Never mind, good luck with the movie!
    Maryellen: Thanks! I’m sure we’ll get an Oscar! It’s gonna be great! Now, Marisol, this is the part where you jump back up and knock out Emily with the laughing crying emoji pillow. Emily, resume your evil laugh. Aaaaannnd ACTION!


  2. Kirsten: Maryellen, it’s MY turn to use the movie thingy!
    Maryellen: Nuh uh! I have to use this for the video I’m making for school! It’s called: A Day in the Life of an Annoying Sister. It’s all about Marisol!
    Marisol: Wait, WHAT? You said we were making a video called: How to Dress Your Best. *faints*
    Maryellen: Uh, about that…
    Kirsten: … So can I have it now?
    Maryellen: No! Emily, tell her it’s for school!
    Emily: No way! I’m not getting involved in THAT!
    Kirsten: *takes movie thingy*
    Maryellen: *takes it back and accidentally breaks it* Well, at least I don’t have to do homework now!
    Kirsten: *glares at Maryellen angrily*


  3. Maryellen: Lights, camera, action!
    Kirsten: Hello! I’m Kirsten from The Dolls Of Texas, and today I’m going to show you–
    Emily: Guys, what on EARTH are you doing?
    Maryellen: *slaps down clapperboard* CUT!!
    Kirsten: Ugh, Emily, you spoiled it! We’re filming a video!
    Marisol: NO. NO. JUST NO. I DIDN’T WASH MY FACE THIS MORNING. *puts emoji pillow over face* Okay, now you can’t see me…
    Maryellen: It’s not like I’m even filming you…ready, Kirsten? Let’s start over. Action!
    Kirsten: Hello! I’m Kirsten from The Dolls Of Texas, and today I’m going to show you–
    Emily: Wait, how are you filming a video if you don’t even have a camera?
    Maryellen: CUT!
    Kirsten: EMILY!! Stop, okay?
    Marisol: *muffled voice* W-ven arre you going to be done? Getting j-just a b-ir stirfie down here.
    Maryellen: Um…what? Action!

    Sorry if I got the names mixed up πŸ˜›

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