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What is She Doing – Finalists!

I know it’s a day or so late. Anywho, thanks to all who entered your answers were hilarious but I could only pick 2. Now the 2 finalists…. are….






Maryellen: Lights, camera, action!
Kirsten: Hello! I’m Kirsten from The Dolls Of Texas, and today I’m going to show you–
Emily: Guys, what on EARTH are you doing?
Maryellen: *slaps down clapperboard* CUT!!
Kirsten: Ugh, Emily, you spoiled it! We’re filming a video!
Marisol: NO. NO. JUST NO. I DIDN’T WASH MY FACE THIS MORNING. *puts emoji pillow over face* Okay, now you can’t see me…
Maryellen: It’s not like I’m even filming you…ready, Kirsten? Let’s start over. Action!
Kirsten: Hello! I’m Kirsten from The Dolls Of Texas, and today I’m going to show you–
Emily: Wait, how are you filming a video if you don’t even have a camera?
Maryellen: CUT!
Kirsten: EMILY!! Stop, okay?
Marisol: *muffled voice* W-ven arre you going to be done? Getting j-just a b-ir stirfie down here.
Maryellen: Um…what? Action!

Our second finalist is








Maryellen: Aaaaaand cut!
Kirsten: Guys, seriously, what did you say you were doing?
Emily: We’re making a movie. Marisol and I are the actresses, and Maryellen’s the director.
Kirsten: I see. What’s it about?
Marisol: Ummm….Maryellen knows what it’s about.
Kirsten: Maryellen?
Maryellen: Well, if I told you, it would spoil the surprise!
Kirsten: But who’s got the camera?
Doll in bed (we’ll assume it’s Molly): Me! Isn’t filmography so difficult?
Kirsten: Not when you’re sitting in bed.
Molly: Huh?
Kirsten: Never mind, good luck with the movie!
Maryellen: Thanks! I’m sure we’ll get an Oscar! It’s gonna be great! Now, Marisol, this is the part where you jump back up and knock out Emily with the laughing crying emoji pillow. Emily, resume your evil laugh. Aaaaannnd ACTION!

Now here’s a poll, decided which is your favorite. Rebcake is 1, and BlackieSunshine is 2. 🙂 <noscript><a href="">What is She Doing?</a></noscript>”>THE POLL!

Vote away my friends.




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