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First Post of 2018

Happy New Years Day everyone! 🙂 Today is the first day of 2017, and I’m super excited to be starting the new year. Today I’ll be sharing with you the blogging goals I have for the 2018 year.

1. Start a succesful photoseries

I’ve tried at least 7 different series over the past few years and all of them have failed. This year I really want to get one down.

2. Make it to 200 followers

Right now we’re at 135 we can totally make it.

3. Post twice a week

I haven’t really had a consistent blogging schedule so let’s try it… 😛

4. Have more variety of posts

I feel like all I do are photoshoots. I want to do more photostories, reviews, and DIY’s this year.

So those are all my goals for the blogging year! Anyway now onto the stats.


Total Views: 4,338

Total Visitors: 1,666

Total Likes: 774

Total Comments: 527


Also a quick reminder that the Paisley Awards are happening at Sam’s blog AGDollAwesome! If you would like to nominate me for any of the awards, just click the link and get commenting! Here are the categories!

-Best AG doll blog overall

-Best AG doll photography

-Best  AG doll photo stories

-Best AG doll photo series

-Best dressed AG doll blogging family

Best AG  blog started in 2017

Have a fantastic day!

-Rose ❤



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