Caroline is Leaving

American girl released the news a little while ago that Caroline will be moving to the American Girl archives. I am sad she was an amazing doll and her story was on of my favorites. So today I will be reviewing some of Caroline’s clothing and accessories.

caroline 1

This is Caroline’s traveling outfit I have wanted it for a while and may get it before she leaves. I think the colors are beautiful and the shoes are adorable. The high waist is very cool too.

caroline 2

The blue part dress is so cool. The dress itself just is AMAZING!! The gloves are so cool. And the blue isn’t an everyday blue it is just different. The shoes I don’t really like at all. So I would still buy it. I just dislike the shoes.

caroline 3

Caroline’s work dress it also cute. It has a lot of detail like the 3 little buttons at the top and the bow. It sorta has a Felicity feel to it. I loved Felicity and was very sad when the retired her. Also this one comes with a bonnet which is very realistic. Over all this dress is very nice.

caroline 4

The nightgown. I just don’t like that much I mean the stitching down the side. I just don’t really like the dress but I love the slippers so cool!!! So I probably wouldn’t buy this unless it went on sale.

caroline 5

Caroline’s party dress. I like this one too. The gloves again love it. But I don’t know about the waist ribbon button thingy. I mean it’s kinda cute. So a maybe on this dress.

caroline 6

And now to the accessories. This jacket and hat go with the traveling outfit. I think the accessories are cute.

caroline 7

Caroline’s skiff is so cool. But it is expensive at 175.00 So no skiff for me but we can dream right. The skiff fits 2 dolls at least thats what the description said. LOL!!

caroline 8

Garnet the calf I LOVE her. She is adorable one of the few actually barn yard animals american girl has at the moment I think she is so cute her legs are actually pose able I think. The little rope she is my all time favorite pet of american girl.

caroline 20

This set is so cute. But it is 68.00 dollars. Pretty expensive. So I may do a craft on how to re-create it! But the pros of this set is the cake can actually be served the cups are so cute. I may have pictures from the last time I went to the american girl place!

Thats all for today. I would have reviewed all her stuff but she has alot. 😀


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