Emily and the Fall

I woke up and it was a bright and sunny day. Perfect for roller skating. At camp since is is 70’s week.

emilys fall 1

emily's fall 6

but as I set my foot to go down of the bunk I slipped. AHH!! I screamed as I tumbled head first onto the floor.

emilys fall 2

Oh my foot hurt so badly. My BFF Kristen rushed to me. Emily she called my name. As I laied on the floor crying.

Nancy my counselor rushed me to the infirmary. The nurse said I had sprained my ankle and had to stay of of it for 4 weeks. Oh I was so sad.

ems's fall

I have to just lay in the cabin luckily my friends said they would come and visit after roller skating.

Please comment below if you would like a part 2. Of this fun photostory


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