How I found American Girl

So I was about 7 when I got my first American Girl it was my cousin’s doll. It was Samantha I also got with her from my cousin

the desk with books, outfits, and someother things!! I can’t quite remember I may have had Bitty Baby Jane before that. Then my 2nd doll was Emily I saved up for like 3 years to get her when I got Emily my mom got Molly (So Molly is really my mom’s doll). Then there was a confusion at AG when I took Sam to get her ears pierced at Christmas I gave her to the people to get her ears pierced when I came to pick her up some kid had gotten lost so lots of chaos the AG Employee gave me Marisol by accident because the were wearing the same outfit and had both their ears pierced so I got back home and I looked at my doll and mom this ain’t my doll. So we called and they said they had given the little girl a different doll and that I COULD KEEP MARISOL!! A doll for free awesome so then last christmas I got Kristen and well my collection has been going 2010!! So thats my story!!

Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “How I found American Girl

      1. oh! but what about the other girls Marisol? i would be sooo sad. but i’m happy for you! did they ship the other girl a new doll or something?


  1. I love American Girl. I’ve always loved the books. I received the blonde Bitty Baby in the early 1990s. I received my first 18-inch doll, an American Girl of Today, for Christmas 1996. She’s my Stephanie. In 2013, when I learned Molly was going to be archived, I bought her. And then, my husband just bought me the BeForever Kit for my birthday a week ago. I’m so excited!


  2. Aren’t you a little too old for dolls? Hahahahaha jk! I still have my american girl doll. I’m going to sell her on eBay though because , she’s Saige a goty.


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