Kitten Trouble (or should I say cuteness)

k t 2

I was sitting on the floor having breakfast and reading my book. And also deciding which activity at Camp to do today. When I heard a MEOW BANG THUD!!

cat t 1

All the sudden a little ball of white and ginger fur burst into the cabin. I was speechless. IT WAS ADORABLE (i was thinking that in my head)

kt 7

Then Paris my sisters kitten. Comes bounding over meowing. Here let me translate

Gingy is that you. Yeah Paris it’s me I was wandering when I found this place and well a raccoon started chasing me so I came in this cabin and found you. Oh also I AM STARVING. Okay Paris replied let me tell my owner.

k t 6

Paris came up to me and gazed at me with those cute little green eyes. I feel like she was telling me the cat. (Gingy) Was hungry.

kt 5

So I took my ham and threw it to Gingy.

k t 4

Man that cat ate ham quicker than me on Thanksgiving.

k t 3


After eating Paris and Gingy settled down for a nap.



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