Meet the Dolls



Yo, Yo, I’m Emily Bennet. I’m 14 years old. I’m extremly quirky and crazy. I love to make a bold fashion statement which means neon, big earrings, and unicorns. I have endless amount of energy, and love to make my friends laugh.

Fav Food: Anything Italian!

Fav Animal: Sloths!!

Style: Crazy prints, leggings, and comfy hoodies.

Nicknames: Em, Emmie, Unicorn

Type: Historical

Pets: A llama named Snickers


Hi everyone! My names Lyssie short for Alyssa. I’m the youngest in the family at 10 years old. I really like to play music. I play the guitar and sing. Sometimes it’s hard to be the youngest in the family because everyone’s been around a lot longer but thats alright.

Fav Food: Cupcakes with sprinkles.

Fav Animal: Horses and cats

Style: Comfy. Yoga pants, t-shirts.

Nicknames: Lys, Lyssie

Type: Famosa. (a brand from Spain)

Pets: A white foal named Elsa



Hi, I’m Molly McIntire I’m 13 years old. I love reading, writing, and exploring the outdoors. No one takes much interest in my exploration of nature but I have recruited Lyssie as my intern.

Fav Food: Trail Mix

Fav Animal: Wolves and Foxes

Style: Outdoorys and lots of flower prints

Nicknames: None

Type: Historical AG

Pets: 2 kittens Gingy and Snowball



Sup,  I’m Brooklyn Calisenter. I’m the sporty one of the family. I play soccer, basketball, and softball. I love playing big family games and I’m extremely competitive. When I’m not sporting I love chilling on my bed and listening to music or playing with Grey my dog.

Fav Food: Anything with frosting

Fav Animal: Cute little raccoons

Style: Sportsy, gym shorts, loose tanks.

Nicknames: Brook, Brooks

Type: OG

Pets: A scottish terrier named Grey



Hello! I’m Samantha, I’m 14 I’m tecnically the oldest of the family. I’m not the leader type, I prefer to be in the backround. I’m a photographer, writer, dreamer, and just awesome.

Fav Food: Pancakes and whip cream

Fav Animal: Giraffes

Style: Skirts, leggings, tunics

Nicknames: Sammy, Sam

Type: Historical AG

Pets: A horse named Rosie





Hi, I’m Marisol, I love to design clothing and cook. My favorite things to cook are cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets. Clothing is my life, I design and sew my own clothing. I’m also 13 1/2

Fav Food: Anything french and from a bakery

Fav Animal: Peacocks

Style: Glitzy, Hollywood.

Type: Girl of the Year 2005

Pets: A maltese named Milkshake.



I’m Kristen Larson, I’m 14 I love to ride horses and skate. I’ve figure skated since I was 7. I hope to make it to the Olympics. I also enjoy reading.

Fav Food: Chocolate pie

Fav Animal: Polar Bears

Style: Comfy, sweat pants and hoodies

Type: Historical AG

Pets: A siamese cat named Blake