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Tree Time

Merry (Early) Christmas Dollmas everyone! It’s that time of the year when you get to post super fun posts about the best holiday Christmas!! 😀 Onto the photostory!

Ellie’s POV


It was a cold December day, I was reading my favorite book Meet Marie-Grace when Emily stumbles in holding our Christmas tree.


“Ellie wanna help me set up the Christmas tree?” asked Emily excitedly.

“Sure!” I cried I never rejected a chance to decorate the house in Christmas-y splendor.

“Awesome, be right back.” said Em running out of the room.


She came back in holding a large basket of ornaments with a string of lights strung over the top.


“Alrighty, let’s get started.” said Em.


First we set up the lights.


Then it was onto the ornaments!


“It looks great.” cried Emily smiling.

“Let’s light it up.” I replied.



Sorry for such a short phototstory! We’ll have 2 huge photostories coming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as on Sunday I have a Holiday Hairstyle How To! So be sure to come back for those. I have many more holiday posts coming soon!

QOTD (Question of the Day):

Favorite holiday tradition?


Rose (2).png

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you had a spectacular Thanksgiving and ate lots of delicious food.

Kristen’s POV


Thanksgiving dinner had been eaten and everyone had settled down and put on their PJ’s.


“Is it time to do the Circle of Thanks?” asked Emily excitedly.


“What’s the Circle of Thanks?” asked Ellie.


“Oh you weren’t here last year Ellie! It’s our annual Thanksgiving tradition. We take a stuffed animal and toss it around and once it’s thrown to you, super fast you have to say 3 things your thankful for.” said Emily.

“Here we go!” cried Emily tossing it high in the air.


“Family, Friends, and Food.” I said.


“Ahh!” cried Ellie who was obviously flustered by our fast paced game.

“Umm.. pancakes, Iphones, and comfy pillows.” she cried.


“Books, church, and soccer.” said Marisol.


“Leggings, all our pets, and y’all.” said Sam.


“Minecraft, nature, and sports.” said Molly.


Then Molly did the unspoken she threw the animal into the middle.


And chaos broke out.


The Circle of Thanks

The Circle of Thanks 2 

That was our third year doing the Circle of Thanks which is super awesome!! 🙂 Thanks so much for reading.

-Rose ❤


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The Old Post Tag


old post tag.png

I was nominated by Emmie @ American Girl Doll World to do the

Old Post Tag *In Which I React to Old Posts*

She nominated me for this back in September and I completely forgot until now! So here we go…


  • Link back and talk about your first 5 posts
  • Tag 5 other people
  • Have Fun!

1.  Welcome

Okay this was not the best intro to my blog. I had no pictures it was just a welcome post naming my dolls.

2. Who Wore It Best?

who wore it best.jpg

Because before you even have 2 followers let’s play a game. It actually surprisingly went well. I think Kristen actually won. Ahh! The quality of that picture…….. compared to now.


We’ve definitely improved. 😀

3.New Youtube Channel

Then I decided to do some marketing for my Youtube channel which is no long active but if you want to check out some of the old videos. Click Me for Fun! 😀

4. About Me, The Blogger

This was my About Me page which I should probably take down… because it’s not right anymore! 🙂 It was very well written though, if I do say so myself.

5. About the Dolls

This was my fifth post were I introduced you to my dolls. It didn’t have any pictures because when I first started blogging. I didn’t understand the difference between a blog post and a post so I kept making posts which then wouldn’t show up on my front page. 😛

Also the nominees


AG Homeschooler@AG’sWonderousWorld


and anyone else who wants to the tag. 🙂

So that’s all for today! I have some big news though…










I’m going to be revamping the blog and regularely posting! 😀 Yay!! I’m so excited to get back started be prepared for some holiday posts and Thanksgiving fun! 🙂


Rose ❤

The Dolls · Updates

Updates, Updates, Updates

Hello everyone, I’m back from my little break! 🙂 SO, be sure to stop by regularly for more posts. I thought I’d update you on some of the stuff going on this Septemeber/Fall!

  1. The Adventures of Agent C
The Adventures of Agent C (1).png
The beautiful image!! 😀 

Yes! Another photo series but this time it’s really going to happen! Because the pictures are all taken. It should premiere sometime around the end of September or beginning of October.


2. Re-Making Meet the Dolls


I really need to get my doll’s personalities down.. so I’m going to be totally re-doing my doll profiles which will then help me make more photostories! Woo! 😛

3. Best Photo Compilation



This is seriously one of the best photo’s ever! The sunlight is really harsh but it’s just so funny! xD

Piling all of my favorite photo’s together and then having YOU! Vote on your favorites.. to find which picture is truly the best… *comment below on your thoughts on this*

Those are some of the ideas going on right now! 🙂 What do you think.. have any suggestions, thoughts, ideas! Comment below!!


Rose ❤



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Fairy Queen *photoshoot*

Hello everyone! 🙂 I hope your all having a lovely day. SCHOOL STARTS IN 4 DAYS!!! :O My lovely summer is over! WHY! Anyway, yesterday it was really hot out and sticky, so I decided why not go take pictures at the 4:00 when the sun shines brightest… oops. I hope you like the pictures.



Behind the Scenes


I’m messy!! 😛

Thanks for reading guys! 🙂


Rose ❤

Also I’ve been posting more on my personal blog if you want to check it out HERE!





An Announcement

This is really hard to write, and no I’m not quitting my blog but my posts are going to be fewer. This year I have a lot going on. I volunteer at my library, as well as the zoo, I also have scouts and a lot more. I’m always going to be here but the posts just may become fewer in the next upcoming months. I also want to thank everyone who took my survey your feedback was much appreciated. A lot of things will be changing this upcoming year but I promise, I will never leave this blog and I’ll always love it. Thanks so much for understanding!! 😀

-Rose ❤

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What is She Doing – Finalists!

I know it’s a day or so late. Anywho, thanks to all who entered your answers were hilarious but I could only pick 2. Now the 2 finalists…. are….






Maryellen: Lights, camera, action!
Kirsten: Hello! I’m Kirsten from The Dolls Of Texas, and today I’m going to show you–
Emily: Guys, what on EARTH are you doing?
Maryellen: *slaps down clapperboard* CUT!!
Kirsten: Ugh, Emily, you spoiled it! We’re filming a video!
Marisol: NO. NO. JUST NO. I DIDN’T WASH MY FACE THIS MORNING. *puts emoji pillow over face* Okay, now you can’t see me…
Maryellen: It’s not like I’m even filming you…ready, Kirsten? Let’s start over. Action!
Kirsten: Hello! I’m Kirsten from The Dolls Of Texas, and today I’m going to show you–
Emily: Wait, how are you filming a video if you don’t even have a camera?
Maryellen: CUT!
Kirsten: EMILY!! Stop, okay?
Marisol: *muffled voice* W-ven arre you going to be done? Getting j-just a b-ir stirfie down here.
Maryellen: Um…what? Action!

Our second finalist is








Maryellen: Aaaaaand cut!
Kirsten: Guys, seriously, what did you say you were doing?
Emily: We’re making a movie. Marisol and I are the actresses, and Maryellen’s the director.
Kirsten: I see. What’s it about?
Marisol: Ummm….Maryellen knows what it’s about.
Kirsten: Maryellen?
Maryellen: Well, if I told you, it would spoil the surprise!
Kirsten: But who’s got the camera?
Doll in bed (we’ll assume it’s Molly): Me! Isn’t filmography so difficult?
Kirsten: Not when you’re sitting in bed.
Molly: Huh?
Kirsten: Never mind, good luck with the movie!
Maryellen: Thanks! I’m sure we’ll get an Oscar! It’s gonna be great! Now, Marisol, this is the part where you jump back up and knock out Emily with the laughing crying emoji pillow. Emily, resume your evil laugh. Aaaaannnd ACTION!

Now here’s a poll, decided which is your favorite. Rebcake is 1, and BlackieSunshine is 2. 🙂

http://static.polldaddy.com/p/9798037.js <noscript><a href="http://polldaddy.com/poll/9798037/">What is She Doing?</a></noscript>”>THE POLL!

Vote away my friends.




Upgrade Time

Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking lately, it’s time for an upgrade, I’ve made a short survey to find out what you think should be better. It’ll take like 2 minutes! It would mean a lot if you could take it…

Wednesday (1).pngTHE SURVEY!

Thanks guys! Also…




I started a personal blog, I had my old one were I posted book reviews, but I’ve started a totally new one. Where I’ll post my photography, book reviews, writings, drawings, and more!


I really hope you’ll check it out.



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What is She Doing?

It’s game time! Yay! Woo!



Today’s game is…..







What is She Doing?/What are They Doing?

I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately for games, so I thought why not. 🙂


  • Caption the photo down below, putting down what the dolls might say or think.
  • Keep it appropriate

The winner will receive free graphic, that I’ll be making. Your entries must be in by, July 27th that’s 10 days to enter. After that, I’ll pick my 2 or 3 favorite captions and then you’ll get to vote on them. 😀


I’ve given you three angles to work with. So you can get the whole picture.












Also….. I have a question for you..

What do you want to see-.png

What do you want to see?

What type of posts do you want to see more of on this blog. Do you want more photostories, contests, games, photoshoots, if so what type of photostories, or photoshoots. 🙂 Please comment down below. I really would like to know what you want.




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The Great Doggie Escape


The Great Doggie Escape.png

Hello everyone! Sorry for no Fourth of July post. I was sick, but I’m better now! I did manage to capture some pictures of our neighborhood fireworks! Those will be at the end of this post. Now, I promised a photo-story would be coming and here it is. 😀


“Okay Cookie, ready for some training!” I said, trying to sound excited. Marisol had entrusted more like threatened me into training Cookie. Her exact words were…

“Molly you need to train Cookie or I will hold your lizard ransom.” It was very violent.


“Cookie, sit.” I commanded. Marisol had been working with Cookie for a few weeks. He knew some basic commands.

“Good boy, Cookie!” I said rewarding him a with a dog biscuit.


“Stay.” I said, slowly I backed away.


“Nice, this is easier than I thought.” I whispered.


All of a sudden a cat shot through the yard.


“COOKIE! NO!” I yelled, chasing after Cookie who was running after the cat.


The cat crawled under the fence and away.


Just as Cookie tried to go under, I leapt after him. He slithered out of my grasp and away.


“Marisol’s gonna kill me.” I muttered sadly.

“COOKIE! COOKIE!” I yelled searching for him.


“Cookie, here boy.” I called walking all throughout the neighborhood.


Exhausted, I slumped onto the doorstep. It’s no use.. he’s gone. I thought sadly, laying a treat on the doorstep just in case.


Then I heard a bark and bounding up came Cookie!

“Cookie!” I cried.


“Never run off again!” I said snuggling him close.


“And don’t tell Marisol.” I said walking into the house.


Now onto some Fourth of July pics! Some of them are blurry.


This was the best one. ❤


How was your Fourth of July/ did you celebrate?

I hope everyone’s having a great week!




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AG Summer Releases


AG released there summer collection a few days ago, and I love it so much. So many of the new things are on my wish list. I’ll be reviewing the Truly Me things today. AG came out with a lot this summer so it’ll most likely span over 2 posts. 😉

Note: I’m not reviewing everything small things glasses, shoes, leashes, etc. will not be reviewed

All photo’s courtesy of American Girl’s Website

1. New “Truly Me” Dolls


TM 2.jpeg

Truly Me Doll #67 – $115

She is so cute. Her hair is beautiful, she has by far the longest hair of a TM doll.

TM 1.jpeg

Truly Me Doll #68 – $115

This doll is cute, I guess. I don’t really like how she looks though.

2. Truly Me Clothing/Accessories/Pets/and More

TM 3.jpeg

American Girl Grand Hotel – $275

So cool. This set has 2 sides a hotel lobby and a hotel room. This set is WAY to expensive but a really creative idea.

TM 4.jpeg

Hotel Luggage Cart – $50

Little Coconut is adorable! This set really wouldn’t work unless you have the hotel room. It also is a tad overpriced in my opinion.

TM 7.jpeg

Grand Hotel Breakfast – $34

This set is awesome. Doll bacon is always needed. I love the realistic pieces.

TM 5.jpeg

Travel in Style Luggage – $36

This set is cute. It reminds me of Grace’s luggage. I have multiple suitcases for my dolls. So I most likely will not be getting this.

TM 6.jpeg

Travel in Style Outfit – $28

Love, love, love the purple dress. The shoes are so cute. I don’t think I’ll purchase this one unless it goes on sale later in the year.

Tm 1.jpeg

Travel in Style Accessories – $28


This set really doesn’t impress me. OG sells a set almost exactly the same. I do love the polka-a-dot neck pillow. ❤

TM 2.jpeg

Corduroy Dress – $14 (shoes not included)

I love this dress is so pretty. The pink accents make the dress really pop!

TM 3.jpeg

Print Tank – $10 

I don’t really like this tank. The flower print doesn’t really… do much for me.

TM 5.jpeg

Purple Skirt – $10

This skirt is really pretty. It reminds me a lot of Kaya’s collection. I want this skirt! 🙂

Note: I’m sorry for the varying sizes in pictures. 😉 

TM 6 .jpeg

Collared Sweater – $12

I’m not a fan of this one either. The jewels on the sleeves are kinda ugly.

TM 7 .jpeg

Corduroy Pants – $12

These pants are a pretty color. I think they’d match a lot of my clothing.

TM 8.jpeg

Knit Sweater – $10

NEED THIS! I don’t know why I love this sweater so much. I just think it’s the most adorable thing ever.

TM 9.jpeg

Mesh Skirt – $10

Also would like this. It’s very fairy themed.

Tm 10.jpeg

Peplum Top – $10 

This top is so pretty. I love how AG has started making a little bit more fancy clothing as well as casual.

Tm 11 .jpeg

Tweed Shorts – $10 

These are cute. The checkered print may not match everything though.


TM 3.jpeg

School Backpack – $28

I love the design of the backpack! I already have a lot of school things though.

Tm 1.jpeg

Star Soccer Set – $34

I love the new jersey the stripes look really cool. The cleats are also very realistic. I’m not a big soccer fan so.. I most likely won’t be getting this set.

TM 2 .jpeg

School Lunch – $24

TACO’S!!!! Yes, I need these dollie tacos. 😛 I don’t like the veggies and lump of something though.

TM 1 .jpeg

School Locker – $50

I like the purple locker from last year better. This one is cute though because it comes with all the little locker accessories. I love the emoji stickers. 😀

Tm 2 .jpeg

School Pet Hamster – $24

SO CUTE! AG hasn’t had a hamster since Mckenna’s collection. I’m really glad they made one. The little cage is AHH! I need a hamster..

TM 3.jpeg

French Bulldog – $28

He’s a little cutie. I have a lot of pets already but this doggie is quite adorable. ❤

TM 4.jpeg

Pet Bath Outfit – $18

I don’t see the point in this. I’ve never understood the pet outfits who uses them.

TM 5.jpeg

Crown Pet Bed – $28

To expensive but a nice color.

TM 6.jpeg

Tuxedo Cat – $28

Finally, a cat! AG has a million dogs but finally a kitty! Isn’t she just so cute. ❤

tm 1.jpeg

Fancy Pet Outfit – $18

This is actually cute. I love the bow, the shawl is kinda cute.

TM 2.jpeg

Chevron Pet Bed – $26

This is the first pet bed, AG’s made that I like. The color’s are nice and it looks pretty sturdy.

Tm 3.jpeg

Fashion Tee – $10

I like this shirt. It’s super cute, I really want this.

That’s all the TM stuff. I think AG did a great job with all of it.

What are your favorite items?













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Down by the Creek

I went down to the creek again today, to take some pictures of Poppy and Hunter. And WOW, it was hot out around 95 or something. The EAH dolls haven’t got featured on her in a while so I thought it was probably time for them to come on back. 😉

Down by the Creek.png


I just love this picture! Tiny shoes = ❤


This happened in the middle of the shoot! I stepped in mud and had to walk around in muddy flip-flops the rest of the time. The things I do to get good pictures! 😛


Probably one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.




I was experimenting with different angles. I’m not quite sure, if I like it or not.


I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot. I know I post way to many photoshoots. I promise multiple photostories are on the way! 😀

What type of photostories do you want to see?