Post Request

Do you have an amazing idea for a post and don’t have a doll blog or would just like someone else to do the post well then COMMENT BELOW!! I will totally as long as I don’t get to many do your post guidelines of requesting

  1. Must be appropriate no bad words or weird stuff

2. It must be something you haven’t done on your blog.

3. HAVE FUN!!! WITH IT!! 🙂

So Get Commenting

PS That totally sounded like a TV add comment now!! LOL


10 thoughts on “Post Request

  1. I would like a post (this will only work when you get a new doll) that involves a new doll coming and becoming best friends with one of the dolls, and then that dolls’ best friend BEFORE the new doll came will get jealous, and then the new one turns out to have MAGIC!!! Dun dun dun!


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