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Sister Talk #2

So, I was looking through old posts and in May of last year. I found a post called Sister Talk #1, it was super funny and totally fun! Continue reading “Sister Talk #2”

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Flower Crowns *AG Photo Contest*

AG Photo Contest.png

Wow! It’s already the last entry for Sam’s photo contest. I can’t believe it! If you want to see the first 4 entries, here they are.

So their they are. I think this one is probably my best work out of all them. 🙂 I had meant to do it yesterday and then the downpour of rain happened… yah.. 😉


The sun was out, that always cause unwanted sun. 😛



Who’s that mysterious figure in the backround. 😛

I hope you enjoyed! This one was a little challenging with the flower crown because it’s really my headband that I just tied in the back. 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM


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Who Wore It Best: Results

Wow! I completely forgot to post the results. This was supposed to come out Dec. 3rd or something. That alright though. Now to the results…. *drumroll*


The winner is…. Brooklyn who came in with 6 votes!! 😀 Second place was Kristen with 4 votes. And third was Emily with 3 votes and poor Lyssie didn’t get any.  😉 Thanks for voting. Y’all seemed to like the Who Wore it Best.. so they’re will probably be more in the future.

-Geeky_Girl ❤

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Designing Brooklyn’s Room

Ahh! It’s been 10 whole days since I posted. I’ve been so busy with little time to post and take pictures. I’ll try to start posting more soon or prepare and schedule some posts. Okay! So you remember when I did Lyssie’s room well.. Brooklyn having been here for almost a whole year, has never had her own room! What better way to celebrate a year by making her here own room. 🙂 (Her 1 year anniversary is Dec. 25)


First I started with a plain cardboard base which came from a My Doll Life As set. I like the My Life packaging because most of there sets are the perfect length for doll beds.


I draped a blanket over it and added some doll pillows!! (EMOJI!!! ;P )


Add some books and a nightstand courtesy of a  doll folding chair.


Then I used the little vanity that came with the doll wardrobe and used it as a little desk thingy.


Brooklyn loves her new room and so does Lulu! 😉

Do you like decorating doll rooms?


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So this is what you would call a.. sorta fun writing thing!! 🙂 I decided to do a diary thing! About a girl named Carrie Lachester who lives in Missouri!! 🙂 About her daily life on the prairie!! Here we go!!


Dear Diary, 

Today was a lovely day. First in the morning we had cornmeal, apples, and milk for breakfast. Then I went to do the daily chores milk our cow Bessie,  feed the pigs,  help Mathilda my younger sister with her schoolwork, and other things. Luckily around noon after dinner I escaped out into the pasture.


My little kitten Snowy followed me. I had nabbed a little bit of bread left from this morning baking and ate it near the cows. I had to admit my bonnet was a little itchy though


Since ma wasn’t around I took off my boots and let the warm dirt squish between my toes. The blades of grass felt s0ft around my bare legs.


I hastily took off my bonnet and let the sun warm my bare face. I then headed back home and finished the chores and then went to bed… with Mathilda by my side… I gently blew out the candle near my bedside.. and fell into a deep slumber.

End of Page 1

So thats all for today!! Did you enjoy? I was hoping that if y’all liked it you would comment and come up with a diary entry for Carrie!! If you do I’ll post 1 a week and of course give a shout-out to whoever I pick to do the entry!! 🙂


Geeky_Girl ❤

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Review of Soccer Set from OG


Today I will be reviewing OG’s Soccer outfit. The outfit comes with

  • Hoodie
  • Soccer Ball
  • Shorts
  • Jersey
  • Cleats

soccer 2

First of the shirt. Its a cotton material and slightly stretchy. It has a number 4 in the corner. It has a nice neckline. There are 2 pieces of velcro in the back.

soccer 4

The shorts are made of a cottony nylon not stretchy at all. It takes a little to get them on. They are a indigo color with a yellow outline.

soccer 3

The cleats are very nice. Black with black laces. Takes a lot to get them on though. I do also wish they would have come with soccer socks.

soccer 1

The hoodie is my favorite part of the outfit. It zips up nice. The maroon color looks nice with the yellow and indigo. It also has the little OG symbol on it.

soccer 5

The soccer ball is a squishy material and is great quality.

soccer 8

I just had to show you guys. The hairstyle I did on Brooklyn. Do you like it? I ❤ It!!

soccer 7

Kicking the ball!! 🙂

Thats all for now!!! 😀

Geeky_Girl ❤

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Meet Our Pets

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting in a while. So I remembered I never introduced you to the pets I have. Now lets get to it.

Brooklyn’s POV


pets 1

“Hello readers and dolls! It’s me Brooklyn. Thanks for stopping by me and Marisol, are going to introduce you to our pets.”

pets 2

“First up the dogs” said Marisol. “Milkshake the Maltese and Cookie our Australian Sheep Dog” I said

pets 3

“Second on our list. Are the miscellanous pets. Lulu the bunny and Lavender the Ferret” said Marisol

pets 4

“We have 3 cats but 2 of them are at the vet”. “This is Fluffkins Meowington the 3rd.” said Marisol

pets 5

“Rosie the horse, Elsa the foal, and Starburst the llama” I said.

pets 6

“Those are our pets”. “BYE”!!!

Did you like them? My two other cats are currently MIA!! I hope to find them soon. What doll pets do you have? (COMMENT)

Geeky_Girl ❤


Welcome Brooklyn (AGPS)

So here is the long awaited ‘Welcome Brooklyn’! Really you waited one day but, who cares!! So on to the photo-story

Brooklyn’s POV


brook 1

I slowly walked up to the front door. A thousand thoughts swirled in my head. Would they like me? What if they don’t?

brook 2

I quickly shook off those thoughts and lightly knocked on the door.

brook 3

“Brooklyn” cried a girl with red hair. “Umm. How do you know my name? I asked astounded. “Oh we knew you were coming yesterday” replied the girl. “Now come on in I’ll introduce you too everyone. By the way my names Emily”. “Okay” I said slightly excited to meet the rest of the family.

brook 5

“Everyone” cried Emily. “I want you to meet our new sister Brooklyn”.

brook 6

“Hi Brooklyn” said a girl with long brown hair. “My names Marisol. I’m the one that designed your room” she said happily. “Thanks” I said astounded how my new family was so kind and hospitable to me.

brook 7

“I’m Genieve” said a girl”. “I’m Molly” said another girl. “Nice to meet you” I replied.

brook 8

“Alrighty guys” said Emily. “I’m going to go and show Brooklyn her room”. “Aww okay” said Marisol.

brook 9

“Here’s your room” said Emily bringing me into a big open room. “Thanks” I said plopping down onto the purple comforter. “I’ll leave you to get settled.”

brook 10

I quickly changed into my comfy clothes. I had a feeling I would fit in just fine.


So thats Brooklyn! I ❤ her so much! She is such an adorable doll. 😀

What was your fav present you got for Christmas? Mine is totally Brooklyn!!

sign off