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2 Year Blogiversary


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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I first started this blog! I’ve had such a wonderful time getting to post about what I love and actually having people follow, like, and comment on it! It makes me so happy!



We now have 102 lovely followers. I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you who decided to follow me and view my posts! 😉 I believe we’ve improved tremondously since last year. Last year we had 52 followers now we have 103! We had posted 285 times now we’ve posted 382 times almost 100 posts in a year.

First Photo Ever

first photo

The first photo, I ever took for this blog! It looks really bad. 😛

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The improvement is amazing! I hope to get better and better as time goes on! Ever one of these blogiversary posts always have stats! I want to do something different but why break the chain… stat time.. haha!

Top Commenters

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Comments are a big thing in the blogging. They give lots of support to the blogger giving them motivation to blog better every time! This year our Top 3 Were

Xyra@TeaTimeWithMelodyQ with 75

Rebekah@AmericanGirlGuide with 65

Bella@BellasBeehive with 63

Thanks guys for all the support you give to my blog! ❤

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Again, thank you for everything you do. Comments, Likes, Follows, Views, they all make me so happy to know someone out there likes my blog! 🙂 Without you my blog would be nothing. Here’s a little slideshow to present our blogging time! 🙂

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Thanks for everything again, a special post coming soon!


Geeky_Girl ❤

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Little Elephants in a Big Backyard

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me again! 🙂 I recently got 2 new littlest pet shop (LPS). I’ve been playing with LPS since I was 4 and I’ve never stopped loving them they make great actors in movies and they are just fun to play with. Oh! And if you remember my post about Ever After High’s Epic Winter dolls! (<– Click for the post!) Well there coming out with a movie about them which is cool and since they are coming out all of the Dragon Game’s dolls have officially gone on clearance I found them on clearance at Kroger, Target, and Toys R Us I wouldn’t be surprised if Walmart had them on clearance too! I got Featherly a pixie who is orginally $10 for $4 at Kroger and the little dragon I got half price for $2 orginally $4! Alrighty enough chit chat onto the story!


So here they are I named the big one Bella and the little on Tootsie because ya know an elephant goes toot.. toot.. ya no.. okay.. :D..


So here is Bella she’s so adorable! The bow adds such a cute touch.


Here is Tootsie who I love she’s so small and cute!


Tootsie is quite a daredevil!


Here is the size of Tootsie compared to a leaf she’s super small!



My younger brother insisted that I take a picture of the spaceship he’s building with Lego’s! 😉


Here’s my spaceship it’s been so hot here that you can’t really go outside without melting or getting a 3rd degree sunburn.. (not really)! So we’ve been playing with our Lego’s! 🙂 Thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed! Oh and if you have any simple AG crafts comment below my bff is doing a camp for 7 yr old girls at her house and one day the theme is AG so she needs ideas! Thanks!


Geeky_Girl ❤

P.S I used my dad’s Nikon camera which takes much better pictures! 🙂 I’ll be using that from now on.