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Q & A *Answers*

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Hello again everyone! I got back from church camp yesterday it was amazing! We went to St. Louis, Missouri and went to the arch, Six Flags, and did many other fun things! I’m glad to be back home though. It was quite tiring and I was ready to be back. As I promised, I’d post the Q & A answers. Here they are and on time.. impressive. ❤

Rebcake’s Questions

1. If  your house was on fire which doll would you save?

Oh! This is really hard… I’d have to say probably Samantha, she’s my oldest doll and I love her so much.

2.  Who is your oldest doll and when did you get her?

My oldest doll is Samantha, I got her from my cousin when I was 6.. I think.

3.  What’s one weird obsession you have?

I have a very strange obsession with unicorns and Pusheen the cat!

4. Do prefer hot chocolate or tea?

Hot Chocolate! SO YUMMY!

5.  What’s your favorite dessert?

 Hard! Probably my mom’s cookies they are the best thing ever.

AG Homeschooler’s Questions

1. Who’s your favorite doll that you have?
NO! This is a horrible question.. *cough* Emily or Sam! Who said that?? 😛

2. Who’s your favorite doll that you DON’T have?

I really love Julie her hair is so pretty.

3. If you could trade one of your dolls for another one, (retired or available), would you? If so, who for who?

No.. I wouldn’t I love all my dolls!

4. How do you pick out your dolls’ personality’s?

I think of people in my life or.. you can use The Story Shack  
which randomly generates names and personalities.

5. Which one of your dolls are you most like and why?

Probably Emily, I’m really energetic and quirky!

6. Do you have any non 18 inch American Girl dolls? (Bitty Babies, mini dolls, etc.)

Yes. I have a ton of Ever After Highs which you can learn about here Meet the Smaller Dolls!  I also have 1 Bitty Baby, a set of Bitty Twins, and a few mini dolls.

7. Which one of your dolls are you least like and why?

 Definitely, Marisol she’s so considered about clothes and very prideful! 😉

8. How many times have you been to an American Girl store?

I honestly have no clue at least 8 times if not a few more.

9. If you were a BeForever doll, which time period would you like to be from?

The 1950’s, I love that time period.

10. If you were a doll, (any type), what would your meet outfit look like?

It would be a pair of gym shorts with bike shorts underneath and a softball shirt, along with a pair of sandals and a baseball cap.

BlackieSunshine‘s Questions

1.  What does your dream GOTY look like and do?

A softball player and homeschooler. 14 years old, has mid length caramel hair and blue eyes with freckles.

2. What got you into dolls?

My cousin gave me my first doll and I automatically loved her. I kept getting more and eventually that led to this blog!

3. If you could get one thing from the AG that wasn’t a doll, what would it be?

Anything.. that means no budget! *evil laugh*  I would either get AG’s amazing kitchen







I know this is retired but it’s so cute!

Samantha’s Question’s

1. What are your top 3 AG Doll Blogs? (I wasn’t allowed include her’s which is one of my favs!

Hmm Top 3.. probably

Delightful World of Dolls

Clara’s Craft Corner (she does dolls too)

AG’s Wonderous World (she has an awesome blog, she’s new to the blogging realm so stop over and give her a follow!)

2. Favorite book?

NOO! This question it kills me.. *ehh!* I’ll give you to favorite’s Maximum Ride and Keeper of the Lost Cities!

3. Top 5 Truly Me Dollies?


#61 is so adorable, her hair is beautiful!


truly 2.png

#56 is my favorite TM, her hair is so beautiful her freckles! *squeal*

truly 3.png

#33 is just adorable as well. I would totally name her Hazel.


truly 4.png

#19 is such a unique doll. Her eyes are so pretty! 🙂 I would name her Max.


truly 5.png

#47 reminds me so much of Sonali from Chrissa’s collection. Her hair is very shiny.

4. Dutch braid or french braid?

Probably a french braid!

5. Cats or Dogs?

Cats! There so fluffy and adorable!



How is this not the best thing you’ve seen all day! ❤

6. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Rocky Road!

AddyL0ver‘s Questions

1.  When did you start your blog?

It was June 1st, 2015! 😀

2.  Have you ever heard of the toys Shopkins?

Yes, I have my friend plays with them. 🙂

3.  What are your favorite things to read?

I like to read fantasy and mystery stories!

4. What is your favorite thing to do on road-trips?

I like to read, play on my Ipad, and try to find different license plates.

5. Why did you start this blog?

I wanted to post about my dolls and have fun!

TN Girl’s Questions

1. What is your inspiration for your posts?

Things that I do in my everyday life, things I read, sometimes I’m just thinking and something comes.

2.  If you could go back in time and change one thing on this blog what would it be?

My grammar in my early posts! I didn’t use quotation marks and it was just bad. Don’t travel back there… it’s scary.. 😛

3. If you could have any of the old GOTY’s which one would you choose and why?

Kanai she was such a beautiful doll and I loved her story!

Thank you so much for all the super fun questions! I loved answering every single one of them! 🙂 I really hope to do this again, I had a blast doing it.












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Q & A

Hello everyone! I promised something special for our 2 year anniversary! Here it is…


Hello everyone, it’s Emily here today. I have a super big announcement, celebrating our 2 year anniversary!



Yes everyone we are doing a Q & A, never done on this blog before! 😀


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What are you waiting for get commenting!! 😀 You can post as many questions as you want. The deadline to enter is June 16, the answers will be posted on Saturday the 17th! 

Now some extra pictures!


Is this picture not the cutest! ❤ DSC_0334-2DSC_0335

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait for this Q & A it’s going to be so much fun! 😀

-Geeky_Girl ❤