Tea and Rain

So before I go onto the photo-story I re-did my doll space again. 🙂 I really want to show you it. 🙂

re-design 1

During the Process ( 2 words/ super messy)

re-design 2

After (I love the new look i’ll be doing a tour of it on my youtube channel which is The Channel!! 

Now to the photo-story!! It’s a tad short but I hope you still love it. 🙂

cozy 2

(All from Emily’s POV)

It was the dreariest, gloomiest, mostest horrible day of the month!! 😦


Soon and idea struck, I decided a gloomy day is the best day to make a warm cup of tea and cuddle with a good book.

cozy 3

I laid down of my comfy womfy bed, and started to read my awesome book!! 😀
cozy 4

After a while, I fell asleep.


So is it raining by you? It is pouring right now and it’s going to keep on raining. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

Happy Halloween ❤

Geeky_Girl 🙂


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