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Blogging 101: Motivation

Hello blogging world. Today I’ll be addressing one of the most important things in blogging motivation! Alrighty let’s get started.

A few other blogging help or 101 things

Blogging 101 *Part 1*

Photography 1o1: Random Tips




1. Free Time !! Let’s start with free time.. during free time you do lot’s of things draw, play minecraft, but maybe during free time pick up the camera and snap some shots for the old  blog.


Play Minecraft… take pictures.. sometimes I pick Minecraft! xD


2. The Idea Struggle

Sometimes you just can’t think of ideas.. what do you do no idea no post.


Ask friends and family about ideas! My mom helps me with post ideas all the time. 🙂 She gives me awesome inspiration.


Also read a book sometimes that’ll get your creative juices flowing into an idea that you just read. And if you need help seriously comment! I can give you some ideas!! 😀 I’d be happy to help.


3. Should I Push The Delete Button

I really think every blogger experiences this at one point in the blogging life. That time when the delete button feels right! Which personally don’t do it without think over these questions.


1. What would my life be like without my blog?

What would it be like ask yourself this question! Because it really helps I asked myself and  I thought I’d lose a bunch of great motivating commenters and followers. I wouldn’t play with my dolls as much.

2. Why did I start the blog?

Biggest question! If you remember why you started the blog it may just give you a boost of confidence to keep posting.



4. If You Decide to Delete Your Blog

This is always sad when someone deletes there blog! Before you do it make sure to write a goodbye post. Some things the goodbye post should include.

  • Why you started the blog
  • What nice people you’ve met through blogging
  • Your favorite part of blogging
  • Why your deleting the site
  • A sad goodbye and a thanks to all your followers

I would recommend leaving the site up even after you’ve deleted it and maybe checking the site once a week or if you really want to click that delete button.

Thanks for reading my followers, commenters, likes, and all y’all! 🙂 Hope this helps motivate you! 😀


Geeky_Girl ❤



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