Z Yang’s Release

Today, I was exploring the wonders of the AG sight when I came across this…

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.53.33 PM.pngThe photo showing her release. I had completely forgot about it, until today. After AG released Tenney, Logan, and Felicity. I was so excited I forgot all about Z. Today, I’ll be showing you her collection.

Z 1


Z Yang Doll – $115

She’s adorable! I love her hair! Her smile tee is super cute. I’m not the biggest fan of the skirt though.

Z 2

Z’s Accesories – $32

The beanie!!! ❤ Her glasses are a beautiful color, the scarf looks small for an infinity scarf. It’s to expensive for me though. I wish they just sold the hat.


Z 5

Z’s Filming Accesories – $28

I NEED THESE! They’re the best thing AG’s released in forever. It comes with a little mini camcorder. 😀

Z 6

Z’s Scooter – $50

Is that a dollie Go-Pro! The stickers are cute. I don’t understand the knee pads. No one wears knee pads while scootering.


Z 7

Z’s Dog – $28

It reminds me of AG’s old dog. I wish he was more unique.

Z 9

Easy Breezy Outfit – $28

This outfit is adorable and a reasonable price. The shoes are so so so cute. The pants have an adorable pattern too.


Z 10

Z’s Desk – $125

To expensive but adorable All the cute movie making things and the monitor. 😀

Sightseeing Outfit – $32

I love this outfit. The shoes are such a pretty color. I don’t like the crop top thingy. But the dress is so cute.

Overall I love Z’s collection. I wish they would’ve spent more time making things for Felicity instead of releasing Z though.

What’s your favorite thing from Z’s collection?

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Welcome Home Ellie!

Hello everyone, we got back from our trip to Chicago yesterday. It was super fun we went to Millenium Park, went shopping at the AG Place, and did lots of other fun things. I’ll have pictures coming soon of Emily’s adventure in Chicago. Anyway, as I promised in my last post here is Ellie’s profile as well as some extra pictures of her.

Meet Ellie.png

Hello! I’m Ellie, I’m 13 years old and I’m from Daytona, Florida. I came and joined the family in the spring of 2017. I love movie making and photography. I hope to direct movies when I’m older. I also love acting and playing with my sisters.

Fav Color: Magenta

Fav Food: Doritos

Pets: None

Type: American Girl Historical

Style: Jeans, hoodies, lots of pink.

That’s Ellie! 😀 These next photo’s I edited! 😉


I really like this one.



Thanks for joining us! 😀 I hope you enjoyed

Do you like our new edited photos? Should we edit more of our photos or keep them regular?

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Ellie’s Easter

Hello everyone, so I went to the Ag Place Chicago and I may have brought home someone. 











MARY-ELLEN!! She’ll be called Ellie on here. Her profile won’t be up for a few days though. I’ve wanted Mary-Ellen since she came out. Today I went over to my grandmas house for Easter and Ellie did an Easter egg hunt. 

Hello everyone. I’m Ellie and here’s my first post here. Today we went over to grandmas for an Easter egg hunt. I’m about to start, I have my basket and I’m ready for some candy. 

Ahh.. my first egg! 

Another one. 

Tricky can you see it… 

More eggs… *squeal* 

Finally after 20 minutes I’d found all the eggs and sat my butt down for some jellybean eating. 


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you’re having a lovely day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. 

What are you doing/did for Easter?

Geeky_Girl 💕

What is She Doing?/Voting

Hello everyone! Last week we had someWhat is She Doing fun! Today I will be announcing my 3 favorite captions for you to vote on. Don’t forget as well that their will be no posts here until the 19th.

The top 3 are….

Izzy from Sew Sweet Dollies

Molly: Emily, come help me with my handstand! I need someone to spot meeeeeee.
Emily: Sorry, I can’t. I promised I’d watch the dogs while Samantha did her homework.
Molly: *puppy dog eyes* pwease help me, Sammy!
Samantha: I have to finish my homework. Anyways, last time you kicked me in the face!
Molly: le sigh.

Chloe from Bees and Butterflys

Doll doing handstand: Agh, I was sure this was the way to do a split…
Molly: What are you doing? I’m trying to study!

BlackieSunshine from Silver Sky Dolls

Molly: What are you doing!? You just kicked poor Emily in the face with your stupid cartwheels!
Emily: I think I broke a tooth. Now all the dogs are licking my face. Thank you, doggies, now go away!

So now vote away in the comments for your favorite who will get the glory of being the winner and will be showered in riches… of nothing. 😛

Do you have a favorite game that you would like to see? 





Kristen Find’s a Surprise + Important Announcement

Hello everyone. I hope your week is going fantastical. Be ready for a ground breaking photostory starring Emily and Kristen also stay till the end for a huge announcement, that will change the world…. maybe.

Kristen’s POV


Daily room check were in order. Everyday at 1:00, I checked on everyone to make sure they got school done and had done their chores. I was very organized Marisol says it’s unhealthy.


First up was Molly’s room.

“Molly, what are you doing?” I questioned.

“I’m writing a report for my science class on Tuesdays.” she sighed, glaring at me.

“Carry on.” I replied walking onto Emily’s room.


I walked into Emily’s room to see her packing a suitcase like she was escaping or something.



“EMILY! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?” I yelled plopping down on the bed.

“I’m packing.” responded Emily with an eye roll.


“Why?” I asked , suddenly interested.

“I’m going on a trip with mom.” said Emily, to pick up a new sister probably.


“What! I cried Kristen jumping up and yelling.



“Why did no one tell me this?” I cried, falling dramatically onto Sam’s bed.


“She didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to get your hope’s up and it’s supposed to be a surprise.” said Emily calmly.

“Eek!” I responded.

Okay! Announcement time…

Yes everyone! I will be gone for the next week which means probably no posts. I may have one up tomorrow but then none till I come back. I’ll also be going to an American Girl Place so lot’s of pictures and maybe someone else as well will be coming home. 😀


Geeky_Girl ❤

Tenny Grant Pajama Review

Hello everyone! 😀 Today I’ll be review Tenney Grant’s pajamas! 🙂 I found them at Kolh’s for $24.99. They also had Logan, Tenney, and all of their collection there.

Tenny Grant.png


The outfit comes with the shirt, shorts, shoes, and headband.


The shorts are adorable and lay in the middle of her thigh. They are redish checkered with swirly white designs on them.


The shirt has the same pattern and even has a cute little pocket.


One of my favorite parts is that the shirt actually buttons and un-buttons which is much nicer than velcro.


The moccasins are so cute. They slip on super easily and are blue with pinkish bows.


The headband is very stretchy and has a little bow on  it.


The whole outfit can be easily mix and matched with other pieces.


The pants work great with other shirts and tanks. (Sorry this is so blurry)


The set is great quality and reasonably prices for AG. The only thing I would’ve liked better was that the shorts were maybe a little long. Other that that this set is great, and I’d recommend it for anyone who is looking for new PJ’s or mix-in-match ideas.

Thanks for reading!

Would you like to see more reviews in the upcoming future?

Also does anyone know how to make a survey on your blog. I’ve seen a few other blogs do this and would like to know how to do it?


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What is She Doing?

Hello everyone. 😜 It’s been so long since we’ve done a game on here. So today I present a…. What is She Doing! Woo! 


  • Comment below with your caption for this very random photo
  • In a week I’ll pick my 3 favorite captions
  • Then you’ll vote which one of the 3 is the best

This is gonna be fun. So get commenting!


Geeky_Girl ❤️

Flower Crowns *AG Photo Contest*

AG Photo Contest.png

Wow! It’s already the last entry for Sam’s photo contest. I can’t believe it! If you want to see the first 4 entries, here they are.

So their they are. I think this one is probably my best work out of all them. 🙂 I had meant to do it yesterday and then the downpour of rain happened… yah.. 😉


The sun was out, that always cause unwanted sun. 😛



Who’s that mysterious figure in the backround. 😛

I hope you enjoyed! This one was a little challenging with the flower crown because it’s really my headband that I just tied in the back. 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM


I Have A Question

Alrighty… I have some big news that I need your help with. As you may or may not know, I have two blogs this one and The Southern Library, I’m thinking of joining them together her, still all the fun doll posts but some other stuff too. Writing, book reviews, photography of other things. Please comment below with what you think. I’m in need of some help with this big decision. 🙂 You have 2 choices:

A. Keep it only dolls

B. Con-join the blogs together

Get commenting!

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Family Photoshoot (for Sam’s contest)

Family Photoshoot.png

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I decided to start something new, every week probably on Mondays. I’ll be posting a Bible verse with some other stuff. Be ready the first one will be tomorrow. 🙂 Anywho, I really needed a new header as well as I hadn’t ever done a family photo-shoot. So here it is…..

This is also for Sam’s photo contest. ❤


Sorry Sam… 😉


I really like this one. (mental note remember to crop green  boxes)




Profile photo’s… ❤


I hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out the Meet the Dolls page for our new and improved personality’s and our new header.


AG Spring Release/Part 2

Ooops! I noticed I forgot to post the second part of my overview for AG’s Spring Release. In the last release which can be found HERE <–, I reviewed Tenney Grant and Felicity Merrimen’s collection. In this post I’ll be reviewing/overviewing Truly Me and the other Beforever stuff. 🙂

Warning: Not everything AG Released this summer is in the post. 

Photo Credit: American Girl Website

ag 1

Bright Blooms Dress – $28

Adorable, perfect for easter. The dress is super pretty. I love the rhinestone belt and the sandals.


ag 2

Bright Tankini – $28

Not so sure, I like the pattern, I don’t think orange will look good on any of my dolls though. The flip-flops also look a little cheap.

ag 4

Summer Cooler – $28

This is so cute. I love the sandwiches and the raspberries??

ag 5

Stars Volleyball Set – $34

I absolutely love this set. I don’t play volleyball, I play softball. But my best friend is teaching me how to play volleyball. I love the socks. I’m a lover of crazy socks.

ag 6

Pink Ballet Set – $28

Cheaper than the last ballet set which was $34. I love the grey crop top and the legwarmers. I really want this set for Marisol.

ag 7

Sleepover Fun Set – $34

I like the old set better. I do think this one is cute too. The Uno cards are really cool.

ag 8

Stripes and Dots Swimsuit – $14

Did anyone else see the price. The same price as a Target brand swimsuit. :O I really don’t like the print though. If it didn’t have the weird zipper. I’d totally get it.




ag 9

Flamingo Swimsuit – $34

This is my favorite out of the Beforever Spring Release. It’s so cute. I love the sandals. The swimsuit could also be used as a cute summer romper thingy. 😛

ag 10

Julie’s Bathroom – $175

I love the bathroom, my dolls currently do not have a bathroom sadly. 😦 I really like this one, though it is above my price range.

ag 11

Peasant Blouse and Skirt – $32

This is a cute outfit, I probably won’t be purchasing it but it’s cute. I don’t really like the shoes.

ag 12

Julie’s Basketball Hoop – $38

I like this set. The basketball hoop is a cool idea.

ag 14

Kit’s Mini Golf Outfit – $34

SO CUTE! I love this outfit. The plaid is awesome!!

ag 15

Mini Golf Set (Kit) – $48

Fun idea, it looks like real green. A creative idea.

So as I said I didn’t review some things Rebecca’s Collection, Truly Me-Mix n Match, I may get around to those soon.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Spring Photo Compilation


Photo Credit: Pintrest

Happy First Day of Spring everyone! 🙂 Today it was a lovely 90… more summerish but. Anyway to celebrate the coming of this flower blooming season. I have decided to dig back to the springy-ist posts and share some of the pictures. Here we go…


I love this picture!! ❤


Sitting in some flowers…. *sings*


What is this?? 😛 DSC03315DSC03082DSC02802

Ignore the big yellow truck… (my photography skills have gotten better)

DSC02806DSC01475soccer 8kitty 5IMG_0422 (1)anna 6

❤ Reindeer

ranch 14ranch 3

The End

 Thanks have a lovely spring.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM

Sprinkles *AG Photo Contest #3*

Sprinkles -AG Photo Contest-.png

The third challenge for Sam’s photo contest is here. There are 5 challenges. It’s been so much fun which such creative themes. This one stumped me a little. But I finally thought FOOD!


Cute little bakery shop! ❤






After a long day of work, Sam likes to gorge herself on donuts… I know it’s grammatically incorrect.



I hope you enjoyed. Do you like the new spring theme?

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Barbie House Tour + Posting Schedule

Okay, before we get into today’s post. I want to address my “posting schedule”. It’s not working. It’s to planned for me. I’m thinking instead of having everything laid out like that. I’m just going to give myself a goal which is posting 3 times a week. 🙂 I think it’s a good goal because it’s pretty easy. 😛 Okay enough boring onto the exciting.


Rick (Dad).png

Before we start here is a chart of the family. The babies didn’t fit but their names are Hope and Grace (6 months). Jim-Jim was also not included because at the time my brother was sewing him a mattress. 🙂


This is the outside of the house. The house is placed on a big wooden platform.


This is the living room.


The living room also has a desk for doing school.


The kitchen is super tiny, but still adorable.


Bathroom. 😛


Dining room, complete with dishes.


The Bedrooms

The first bedroom is May and Ginger’s. It has an adorable TV with sofa.


Next up is Cassandra and Evelyn’s room.


Nightstand with trophy and stylish sunglasses.


Mary-Ellen’s room.


This is Kate’s room. I started running out of space, so windowsill’s work too.


The twins room.


This may be my favorite room. Jim-Jim’s room complete with Batman mattress.


Parent’s room.


And the laundry room. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the house tour. 😀

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM