Down by the Creek

Down by the Creek

I went down to the creek again today, to take some pictures of Poppy and Hunter. And WOW, it was hot out around 95 or something. The EAH dolls haven’t got featured on her in a while so I thought it was probably time for them to come on back. 😉

Down by the Creek.png


I just love this picture! Tiny shoes = ❤


This happened in the middle of the shoot! I stepped in mud and had to walk around in muddy flip-flops the rest of the time. The things I do to get good pictures! 😛


Probably one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken.




I was experimenting with different angles. I’m not quite sure, if I like it or not.


I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot. I know I post way to many photoshoots. I promise multiple photostories are on the way! 😀

What type of photostories do you want to see? 





Doll House Tour, Part 1

Doll House Tour, Part 1

Hello everyone! Happy First Day of Summer!



I’m so excited for summer (even though it’s already been here for a while),  the pool, fun with friends, water gun fights, all that fun stuff. 😉

1. The Shelving Unit


On the shelving unit, I keep the dolls, clothing, shoes, and some of the extra accessories that don’t fit in the house.


All of the beautiful little doll shoes! 🙂 My dolls have more shoes than me.. 😛


We have the clothing and accessories!


Entering the doll house we have a cute little living room with books, desk, and a fluffy chair.


My dolls need more books… I should make more.

2. Molly and Kristen’s Room


Molly and Kristen share a bunkbed the bottom is Kristen’s.



On her desk her notebook, glass case, hair spray, and a little raccoon.


The top is Molly’s! Why hello Cookie!

3. Everything Else


This big room is where Sam, Ellie, Emily, Marisol, and Brooklyn sleep.


This is Marisol’s bed it’s a work in progress.


Sam’s side of the room. I love her bed.


Ellie’s bed. Brooklyn’s is soon to come, I’m still designing the blanket and pillows.


Our wardrobe which holds all the dresses.


This is Emily’s bed.. she’s not very umm.. organized.


In the corner we have the stable my dad made me for Christmas.


Looks like Kristen’s making something yummy for dinner! This is the kitchen by the way. 😉

Our doll house is still a work in progress.. here’s a list of things we hope to accomplish.

  1. Make posters and more wall coverings
  2. Work on Marisol’s bed
  3. Add more to Emily’s room
  4. Finish Brooklyn’s room
  5. Hopefully, get a table for the kitchen

Thanks for stopping by..  but before you go… I’m revealing something special…

Your probably like what is that… well that’s me! 🙂 I shall here forth be referred to as Rose in the blogging universe! 😉


Bye awesome people,



What’s your favorite part of your doll house? 





Q & A *Answers*

Q & A *Answers*

Q & AAnswers.png
Hello again everyone! I got back from church camp yesterday it was amazing! We went to St. Louis, Missouri and went to the arch, Six Flags, and did many other fun things! I’m glad to be back home though. It was quite tiring and I was ready to be back. As I promised, I’d post the Q & A answers. Here they are and on time.. impressive. ❤

Rebcake’s Questions

1. If  your house was on fire which doll would you save?

Oh! This is really hard… I’d have to say probably Samantha, she’s my oldest doll and I love her so much.

2.  Who is your oldest doll and when did you get her?

My oldest doll is Samantha, I got her from my cousin when I was 6.. I think.

3.  What’s one weird obsession you have?

I have a very strange obsession with unicorns and Pusheen the cat!

4. Do prefer hot chocolate or tea?

Hot Chocolate! SO YUMMY!

5.  What’s your favorite dessert?

 Hard! Probably my mom’s cookies they are the best thing ever.

AG Homeschooler’s Questions

1. Who’s your favorite doll that you have?
NO! This is a horrible question.. *cough* Emily or Sam! Who said that?? 😛

2. Who’s your favorite doll that you DON’T have?

I really love Julie her hair is so pretty.

3. If you could trade one of your dolls for another one, (retired or available), would you? If so, who for who?

No.. I wouldn’t I love all my dolls!

4. How do you pick out your dolls’ personality’s?

I think of people in my life or.. you can use The Story Shack  
which randomly generates names and personalities.

5. Which one of your dolls are you most like and why?

Probably Emily, I’m really energetic and quirky!

6. Do you have any non 18 inch American Girl dolls? (Bitty Babies, mini dolls, etc.)

Yes. I have a ton of Ever After Highs which you can learn about here Meet the Smaller Dolls!  I also have 1 Bitty Baby, a set of Bitty Twins, and a few mini dolls.

7. Which one of your dolls are you least like and why?

 Definitely, Marisol she’s so considered about clothes and very prideful! 😉

8. How many times have you been to an American Girl store?

I honestly have no clue at least 8 times if not a few more.

9. If you were a BeForever doll, which time period would you like to be from?

The 1950’s, I love that time period.

10. If you were a doll, (any type), what would your meet outfit look like?

It would be a pair of gym shorts with bike shorts underneath and a softball shirt, along with a pair of sandals and a baseball cap.

BlackieSunshine‘s Questions

1.  What does your dream GOTY look like and do?

A softball player and homeschooler. 14 years old, has mid length caramel hair and blue eyes with freckles.

2. What got you into dolls?

My cousin gave me my first doll and I automatically loved her. I kept getting more and eventually that led to this blog!

3. If you could get one thing from the AG that wasn’t a doll, what would it be?

Anything.. that means no budget! *evil laugh*  I would either get AG’s amazing kitchen







I know this is retired but it’s so cute!

Samantha’s Question’s

1. What are your top 3 AG Doll Blogs? (I wasn’t allowed include her’s which is one of my favs!

Hmm Top 3.. probably

Delightful World of Dolls

Clara’s Craft Corner (she does dolls too)

AG’s Wonderous World (she has an awesome blog, she’s new to the blogging realm so stop over and give her a follow!)

2. Favorite book?

NOO! This question it kills me.. *ehh!* I’ll give you to favorite’s Maximum Ride and Keeper of the Lost Cities!

3. Top 5 Truly Me Dollies?


#61 is so adorable, her hair is beautiful!


truly 2.png

#56 is my favorite TM, her hair is so beautiful her freckles! *squeal*

truly 3.png

#33 is just adorable as well. I would totally name her Hazel.


truly 4.png

#19 is such a unique doll. Her eyes are so pretty! 🙂 I would name her Max.


truly 5.png

#47 reminds me so much of Sonali from Chrissa’s collection. Her hair is very shiny.

4. Dutch braid or french braid?

Probably a french braid!

5. Cats or Dogs?

Cats! There so fluffy and adorable!



How is this not the best thing you’ve seen all day! ❤

6. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Rocky Road!

AddyL0ver‘s Questions

1.  When did you start your blog?

It was June 1st, 2015! 😀

2.  Have you ever heard of the toys Shopkins?

Yes, I have my friend plays with them. 🙂

3.  What are your favorite things to read?

I like to read fantasy and mystery stories!

4. What is your favorite thing to do on road-trips?

I like to read, play on my Ipad, and try to find different license plates.

5. Why did you start this blog?

I wanted to post about my dolls and have fun!

TN Girl’s Questions

1. What is your inspiration for your posts?

Things that I do in my everyday life, things I read, sometimes I’m just thinking and something comes.

2.  If you could go back in time and change one thing on this blog what would it be?

My grammar in my early posts! I didn’t use quotation marks and it was just bad. Don’t travel back there… it’s scary.. 😛

3. If you could have any of the old GOTY’s which one would you choose and why?

Kanai she was such a beautiful doll and I loved her story!

Thank you so much for all the super fun questions! I loved answering every single one of them! 🙂 I really hope to do this again, I had a blast doing it.












Ellie in the Woods

Ellie in the Woods

Hello everyone! 🙂 Yesterday was a beautiful day for pictures, so I took Ellie to a park and got some great shots of her. All of them are edited using Iphoto!


She’s so pretty! 😀 Thank for all the wonderful questions, you’ve asked so far for the Q & A there’s still time to ask, so go and check it out. Another quick update there will be no posting from Monday, 12 – Friday, 16. I’ll be at church camp, but be ready because that Saturday is scheduled to be the day when I answer all the awesome questions from the Q & A! Thanks for reading and have a fantabulous weekend.

What’s your plan for summer? 


P.S. I finally got around to making a new sign off for summer! 😀

Q & A

Q & A

Hello everyone! I promised something special for our 2 year anniversary! Here it is…


Hello everyone, it’s Emily here today. I have a super big announcement, celebrating our 2 year anniversary!



Yes everyone we are doing a Q & A, never done on this blog before! 😀


It's Time for aQ & A.png

What are you waiting for get commenting!! 😀 You can post as many questions as you want. The deadline to enter is June 16, the answers will be posted on Saturday the 17th! 

Now some extra pictures!


Is this picture not the cutest! ❤ DSC_0334-2DSC_0335

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait for this Q & A it’s going to be so much fun! 😀

-Geeky_Girl ❤

2 Year Blogiversary

2 Year Blogiversary


2 Year Blogiversary (1).png

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I first started this blog! I’ve had such a wonderful time getting to post about what I love and actually having people follow, like, and comment on it! It makes me so happy!



We now have 102 lovely followers. I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you who decided to follow me and view my posts! 😉 I believe we’ve improved tremondously since last year. Last year we had 52 followers now we have 103! We had posted 285 times now we’ve posted 382 times almost 100 posts in a year.

First Photo Ever

first photo

The first photo, I ever took for this blog! It looks really bad. 😛

Most Recent


The improvement is amazing! I hope to get better and better as time goes on! Ever one of these blogiversary posts always have stats! I want to do something different but why break the chain… stat time.. haha!

Top Commenters

Top Commentors.png

Comments are a big thing in the blogging. They give lots of support to the blogger giving them motivation to blog better every time! This year our Top 3 Were

Xyra@TeaTimeWithMelodyQ with 75

Rebekah@AmericanGirlGuide with 65

Bella@BellasBeehive with 63

Thanks guys for all the support you give to my blog! ❤

382 Posts.png

Again, thank you for everything you do. Comments, Likes, Follows, Views, they all make me so happy to know someone out there likes my blog! 🙂 Without you my blog would be nothing. Here’s a little slideshow to present our blogging time! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for everything again, a special post coming soon!


Geeky_Girl ❤

Memorial Day Celebration

Memorial Day Celebration

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Today is the day we celebrate to appreciate and remember those who have died fighting for our freedom. I’ve prepared a photo-story to honor those who have fallen. I hope you enjoy!

Emily’s POV


Kristen had gathered us together for a Memorial Day Ceremony outside.



“Thank you for joining us.” said Kristen.

‘If you would now join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.”


We all saluted and repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

*I am aware that you only salute when in full uniform, tecnically Emily is the only one in a uniform, but it is not possible to make American Girl Dolls place their hands over there hearts.* DSC_0312

Next I came up and led a prayer

“Dear Lord,

We thank you, for giving us the opportunity to gather here. We thank you for those who fight or have fought for our country. We ask you be with their families today. Let us always thank you for everything.



After that, Ellie came up and gave a history of Memorial Day.


“The first Memorial Day was after the Civil War in 1865. When during springtime people held celebrations honoring those who had died by having large prayer sessions and putting flowers on the grave of soldiers. On May 5th, 1866 Waterloo, New York held a city wide celebration of Memorial Day. It was not observed as a national holiday till 1971. It was first called Decoration Day until it was changed to Memorial Day sometime during the 1900s.”


Sam then led us in some songs.

Extra Pics



Happy Memorial Day! Remember to pray for those who have lost someone today and everyday. 🙂

-Geeky_Girl ❤

Ellie’s Adventure

Ellie’s Adventure

Hello again everyone! Yesterday was the perfect day for some pictures it was overcast with very little wind. I took Ellie down to the pond for some pictures. She looks so cute. I know your probably sick of seeing her, but she’s just so cute!!! 😀



She’s wearing

Lanie’s Nightgown

AG Pants

Ivy’s Romper sandals





My favorite picture!


I also took some extra pictures without Ellie!




Little behind the scenes look at what was going on.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

What’s your favorite place to photograph? 


Geeky_Girl ❤

Blogger Recognition and Sunshine Blogger Awards

Blogger Recognition and Sunshine Blogger Awards

Thanks so much to Staff from My Doll Corner for nominating me for 2 awards! 🙂 The first one is the Blogger Recognition Award!

Blogger RecognitionAward.png


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you!
  • Give a little history on how your blog got started
  • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate 15 bloggers.. :O

How I Got Started

So… it was back in 2015, I was playing with my dolls. I imagined they were ice skaters. I really wanted to make a little ticket booth for their performance. I took a box and made a little ticket booth. I had one serious problem.. I didn’t have any tickets! I asked my mom to use the wonders of Google. She found some printable tickets at Doll Diaries, which sadly is no longer posting. 😦 Anyway, then I found the realm of doll blogging. On June 1st of 2015, I asked my dad if I could start a doll blog. He said yes after a few days it was up and running. I had a few followers and now look! 🙂

My Advice

1. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. You’ve heard it before, but really don’t compare yourself. You may be blogging for 2 years with only a handful of followers. It’s okay, just stay true and keep on pushing.

2. Be consistent, many a blog has stopped posting with no real reason. If your mad at your lack of followers look and see how consistent your posts are. Do you take 2 or 3 week long breaks with no explanation? Have you gone a month or 2 without posting? Stay consistent it’s hard I get it but try try try!

I have so many more things I could add! If you need any help blogging or have questions feel free to comment on any of my posts! I’d be happy to help! 😀 Now.. the nominees are…

AG Homeschooler from AG’s Wondrous World

BlackieSunshine from Silver Sky Dolls

Xyra from Tea Time with MelodyQ

Melodie from Tennessee Girls Blog

Rebcake from Stuffie Adventures

and anyone who has their hair in a ponytail right now!

Blogger RecognitionAward (1).png

Onto our next award

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer 11 questions and ask 11 questions
  • Nominate 11 people
  • Let the nominees know

The questions are….

  1. Do you have a pet?

Sadly no… I really want to have a cat or a bunny!

2. What would you tell your younger self if you could go into the past?

I would tell her to stop being a perfectionist everything can’t be perfect and to stop stressing out about things.

3. If you could a get a unicorn what would you name it and what would it look like?

Her name would Lady Sparkle Cotton Candy or Rainbowville she would purple and pink ombre with a sparkly mane and tail.. she farts rainbows and spreads happiness throughout the world. 😛

4. What is your favorite book series?

Grr.. dreaded question. Probably, The Neptune Project Series or Keeper of the Lost Cities 5.  What’s your hair color?

It’s like a light brown with blonde and red streaks! (I didn’t actually streak it, it’s natural)

6. What is your favorite show/movie?

Favorite TV shows would be Lost and Stranger Things

Favorite movie… Inception, Goonies, Batman Trilogy, Interstellar, and lots of others.

7. If you could be rich for a day what would you buy?

A go-cart, a pool, and a big house with an indoor rock climbing wall and a bunch of cool thing in it. I would also use some of the money to help those who don’t have much.

8. What’s you favorite food?

Italian Beef sandwiches and potatoes

9. Who’s your favorite disney princess?

Rapunzel she’s me as a princess

10.What’s your favorite social media thing, pinterest, tumblr, facebook etc.


11. What is your biggest dream?

To become a surgical vet and to help others.


AG Homeschooler from AG’s Wondrous World

BlackieSunshine from Silver Sky Dolls

Xyra from Tea Time with MelodyQ

Melodie from Tennessee Girls Blog

Olivia from Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff

Sam from AG Doll Awesome

Kait from Kait’s AG Crafts

Rebcake from Stuffie Adventures

Those are all the ones I can think of! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Oh and how do you like the new theme!

Do you like doing awards/tags? How do you feel about the new theme? Comment below! 

Geeky_Girl ❤












Sneak Peek at Summer Series!

Sneak Peek at Summer Series!

Hello everyone! 🙂 I’m back from Tennesse we placed third! 😀 Woo! Now I’m back with super exciting info about this summer’s upcoming series. I’ve done so many series and I’ve never made it past like episode 3. But now I’ve gathered knowledge from many bloggers who have given me tips and I’m ready to try again. I promise this is gonna be great. Now first things first the name…. *drumroll*

The Adventures of Lady Rose Marie.png

This summer’s series is….. The Adventures of Lady Rose Marie! Such a pretty name isn’t it.

Now you know the name… but you have no clue what it’s about… I’ll give you a second to guess…







Have any ideas! Okay, I’ll tell you!

The year is 1918, Rose Marie is an orphan living in a small town in England. The orphanage she lives in is over run with girls, Rose Marie makes the best but has high hopes of living the life of a queen. When her Grandmother she’s never met remakes contact. Rose Marie is whisked away to a mansion in the countryside where Grandmother is set on teaching Rose Marie how to be a lady. Soon enough Rose Marie meets Emmie the next door girl who shows her the magic in life. The girls soon learn of mystical treasure, soon they are on an adventure that is very unladylike and quite exciting. 

I’m so excited for this! *squeal* Let’s meet our lovely characters.

Kristen: Grandmother Lydia

Emily: Emmie

Ellie: Rose Marie

Samantha: Maid Lola

Molly: Mrs. Snorken (:P)

Other characters won’t be listed here but you’ll meet them throughout the series.

Now let’s see some extra picture of our two little ladies.


Emmie how unladylike!


Thanks for reading!

Do you have any tips for photoseries? Are you excited for The Adventures of Lady Rose Marie??


-Geeky_Girl ❤

(Only 3 more weeks of school!)


Holly the Beauty 

Holly the Beauty 

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today lovely Holly got her own photoshoot! 😀 Onto it….


This one is so cute! ❤


Thanks dad for holding my doll while I took the picture.


Is her bun not the brightest shade.


UGGH! Annoying satellite dish, GO AWAY!


Aren’t these so fun, shadow pictures.


Now I would like to show you my best friend’s adorable dog, she’s a Boston Terrier named Gabby! She’s so cute.


Look at those pretty brown eyes.



The only problem when editing photos, is that they come out a little bit blurrier.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 Another posting break will happen from Monday till Sunday or so. I’m going to out of state for softball Nationals! Woo! 🙂


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM


We Hit 100!

We Hit 100!



(Isn’t that panda just soooo cute)

WHAT! Last night, I checked my follower count for really no reason. When I saw 100 followers! AHH! 😀 Thanks to all who follow, like, comment, and take time to read my blog. I never expected to have 100 followers!! THANK YOU! I’ll have something super exciting for this coming up. So be ready. 😉 But for now we have a little photo-story to celebrate.

Ellie’s POV


I sat on my new bed scrolling through videos, I’d recently taken.


When Emily burst into the room.

“ELLIE!!!!” she yelled.

“Yes, Emily.” I replied, setting down my camera.


“The Dolls of Texas, just hit 100 followers!” she cried, hugging me. DSC_0150

“Did someone say 100 followers?” cried Kristen rushing in.

“Woo! Hoo!!” yelled Molly, waving her arms around like a bird.


“This is so awesome.” I squealed.

“I know!” replied Emily.

Thank YOU!.png

🙂 Thanks for everyone who followed!

Happy start of May! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM



May Goals

May Goals

Monthly Goalsfor May.png

I kinda forgot to do a Monthly April Goals post.. oops. 😉 Anyway, this month is full of goals, hopefully I will complete them all but probably not. 😛

Give secret hints to my summer photo-series…. 

Hint #1

Ellie’s the star…

I’ll have more info on it later. I’ll be posting a little hint up until it’s release date which is scheduled to be sometime the first week of June.


Have a new monthly series called Filming with Ellie

Which will be a short stopmotion each month produced by Ellie.


Take a new family photoshoot with Ellie


Make a special post on May the 4th…. 😛

That’s about all the goals, I have for this May. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed.

What are your blogging goals for May?

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM

Z Yang’s Release

Z Yang’s Release

Today, I was exploring the wonders of the AG sight when I came across this…

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.53.33 PM.pngThe photo showing her release. I had completely forgot about it, until today. After AG released Tenney, Logan, and Felicity. I was so excited I forgot all about Z. Today, I’ll be showing you her collection.

Z 1


Z Yang Doll – $115

She’s adorable! I love her hair! Her smile tee is super cute. I’m not the biggest fan of the skirt though.

Z 2

Z’s Accesories – $32

The beanie!!! ❤ Her glasses are a beautiful color, the scarf looks small for an infinity scarf. It’s to expensive for me though. I wish they just sold the hat.


Z 5

Z’s Filming Accesories – $28

I NEED THESE! They’re the best thing AG’s released in forever. It comes with a little mini camcorder. 😀

Z 6

Z’s Scooter – $50

Is that a dollie Go-Pro! The stickers are cute. I don’t understand the knee pads. No one wears knee pads while scootering.


Z 7

Z’s Dog – $28

It reminds me of AG’s old dog. I wish he was more unique.

Z 9

Easy Breezy Outfit – $28

This outfit is adorable and a reasonable price. The shoes are so so so cute. The pants have an adorable pattern too.


Z 10

Z’s Desk – $125

To expensive but adorable All the cute movie making things and the monitor. 😀

Sightseeing Outfit – $32

I love this outfit. The shoes are such a pretty color. I don’t like the crop top thingy. But the dress is so cute.

Overall I love Z’s collection. I wish they would’ve spent more time making things for Felicity instead of releasing Z though.

What’s your favorite thing from Z’s collection?

Also be sure to check out my new blog

My old blog was really bad. Grammatical errors and other things, so I started a new blog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 1.38.11 PM