Ellie’s Easter

Hello everyone, so I went to the Ag Place Chicago and I may have brought home someone. 











MARY-ELLEN!! She’ll be called Ellie on here. Her profile won’t be up for a few days though. I’ve wanted Mary-Ellen since she came out. Today I went over to my grandmas house for Easter and Ellie did an Easter egg hunt. 

Hello everyone. I’m Ellie and here’s my first post here. Today we went over to grandmas for an Easter egg hunt. I’m about to start, I have my basket and I’m ready for some candy. 

Ahh.. my first egg! 

Another one. 

Tricky can you see it… 

More eggs… *squeal* 

Finally after 20 minutes I’d found all the eggs and sat my butt down for some jellybean eating. 


Happy Easter everyone. I hope you’re having a lovely day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. 

What are you doing/did for Easter?

Geeky_Girl 💕


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