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Blogger Recognition and Sunshine Blogger Awards

Thanks so much to Staff from My Doll Corner for nominating me for 2 awards! 🙂 The first one is the Blogger Recognition Award!

Blogger RecognitionAward.png


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you!
  • Give a little history on how your blog got started
  • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
  • Nominate 15 bloggers.. :O

How I Got Started

So… it was back in 2015, I was playing with my dolls. I imagined they were ice skaters. I really wanted to make a little ticket booth for their performance. I took a box and made a little ticket booth. I had one serious problem.. I didn’t have any tickets! I asked my mom to use the wonders of Google. She found some printable tickets at Doll Diaries, which sadly is no longer posting. 😦 Anyway, then I found the realm of doll blogging. On June 1st of 2015, I asked my dad if I could start a doll blog. He said yes after a few days it was up and running. I had a few followers and now look! 🙂

My Advice

1. Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers. You’ve heard it before, but really don’t compare yourself. You may be blogging for 2 years with only a handful of followers. It’s okay, just stay true and keep on pushing.

2. Be consistent, many a blog has stopped posting with no real reason. If your mad at your lack of followers look and see how consistent your posts are. Do you take 2 or 3 week long breaks with no explanation? Have you gone a month or 2 without posting? Stay consistent it’s hard I get it but try try try!

I have so many more things I could add! If you need any help blogging or have questions feel free to comment on any of my posts! I’d be happy to help! 😀 Now.. the nominees are…

AG Homeschooler from AG’s Wondrous World

BlackieSunshine from Silver Sky Dolls

Xyra from Tea Time with MelodyQ

Melodie from Tennessee Girls Blog

Rebcake from Stuffie Adventures

and anyone who has their hair in a ponytail right now!

Blogger RecognitionAward (1).png

Onto our next award

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer 11 questions and ask 11 questions
  • Nominate 11 people
  • Let the nominees know

The questions are….

  1. Do you have a pet?

Sadly no… I really want to have a cat or a bunny!

2. What would you tell your younger self if you could go into the past?

I would tell her to stop being a perfectionist everything can’t be perfect and to stop stressing out about things.

3. If you could a get a unicorn what would you name it and what would it look like?

Her name would Lady Sparkle Cotton Candy or Rainbowville she would purple and pink ombre with a sparkly mane and tail.. she farts rainbows and spreads happiness throughout the world. 😛

4. What is your favorite book series?

Grr.. dreaded question. Probably, The Neptune Project Series or Keeper of the Lost Cities 5.  What’s your hair color?

It’s like a light brown with blonde and red streaks! (I didn’t actually streak it, it’s natural)

6. What is your favorite show/movie?

Favorite TV shows would be Lost and Stranger Things

Favorite movie… Inception, Goonies, Batman Trilogy, Interstellar, and lots of others.

7. If you could be rich for a day what would you buy?

A go-cart, a pool, and a big house with an indoor rock climbing wall and a bunch of cool thing in it. I would also use some of the money to help those who don’t have much.

8. What’s you favorite food?

Italian Beef sandwiches and potatoes

9. Who’s your favorite disney princess?

Rapunzel she’s me as a princess

10.What’s your favorite social media thing, pinterest, tumblr, facebook etc.


11. What is your biggest dream?

To become a surgical vet and to help others.


AG Homeschooler from AG’s Wondrous World

BlackieSunshine from Silver Sky Dolls

Xyra from Tea Time with MelodyQ

Melodie from Tennessee Girls Blog

Olivia from Olivia’s Sylvanian Stuff

Sam from AG Doll Awesome

Kait from Kait’s AG Crafts

Rebcake from Stuffie Adventures

Those are all the ones I can think of! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Oh and how do you like the new theme!

Do you like doing awards/tags? How do you feel about the new theme? Comment below! 

Geeky_Girl ❤












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