Sister Talk #1

Hi Guys!! I’m kinda of am.. going into Keepers of the Lost Cities breakdown I finished Neverseen and.. … Lodestar doesn’t come out for another 6 months!! *faints* Okay I’m back.. I might as well take my mind off the sorrow by writing this post!! Lol xD I’m fine let’s get started!!


How would you describe Molly?

Emily: If I could describe Molly it would totally be nature lover! She’s always in nature and smells like nature too.. *ha ha*

Marisol: I would describe Molly as a hippie she just loves nature… 

Molly: Seriously,  guys I thought you actually like me..

Emily: We like you… and we like making fun of you..

Molly: Let’s talk about..  Emily!


What’s your favorite memory with Emily?

Marisol: Definitely not the time she stole my zebra leggings.

Molly: The time we went camping and she fell in the lake and then beaver swam away with her shoe.

Emily: That was my favorite shoe.

Kristen: I loved that time..


If you had to bunk with a sister which one would it be?

Emily: Not Marisol she gets mad when I “borrow” any of her clothes.

Kristen: I’d pick Samantha she’s so sweet and we actually get along.

Molly: I’d pick Emily she’s entertaining but also likes to listen to power tools while sleeping.

Emily: It’s called Dubstep.

Molly: No it’s dying cats and jackhammers.

Emily: Eye roll..


How would you describe your relationship with the smaller dolls and Barbie’s?

Samantha: I love the little dolls there so fun and we get along great.

Kristen: There so sweet but Little Anna and Little Rapunzel like to pull pranks one time they put crickets in my pillow.

Emily: Little Anna and me get along great we both love to pull pranks on the other sisters.

Marisol: The little dolls have a good fashion sense especially Dracelaura.

Thanks for reading guys!! ❤ I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be doing more of these! 😀


Geeky_Girl ❤



7 thoughts on “Sister Talk #1

  1. *cries with you because Neverseen* Oh my gosh. Isn’t it just the absolute worse? *sobs* I can not wait for Lodestar, but really, six months will go by really quickly! 🙂 Hopefully… XD This post was really cute! Great job! 🙂


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