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Sister Talk #2

So, I was looking through old posts and in May of last year. I found a post called Sister Talk #1, it was super funny and totally fun!

I’m not sure how I forgot about it. I want to keep it going making it a monthly thing. What we do is ask the dolls a question and then they answer it. The questions I ask will be in bold and each doll will have a color that goes with their answer.



How do you feel about Mary-Ellen (Ellie) joining the family?

Marisol: As long as she doesn’t steal my clothes. I’m fine with it. 

Molly: She seems sweet, I think it’s always fun when a new sister joins us. 

Samantha: I love it when we get someone new to the house. Especially, Ellie she has so many cool creative ideas.


Do you like Star Wars?

Molly: Of course! Who doesn’t love Ewoks! ❤ 

Sam: Sure! It’s cool, Emily is a little obsessed we’ve seen every movie at least 17 times.

Marisol: Eww no, Star Wars is an abomination to the movie world. 


Ellie: The special effects are cool!


What’s your favorite and least favorite part of having younger girls in the family? 

Emily: My favorite would be that we have people that we can boss around and do our bidding! Mahaha! 

Sam: Getting to teach them cool stuff. 

Molly: Having people to take on nature walks! 

Kristen: My least favorite would be having to be quite when they go to bed. I don’t like quiet….

Ellie: I haven’t quite got to know them, they seem very sweet though. 


How do you feel about school?

Marisol: Ick! What’s the point of learning geometry.. when in life do I need to know the cirumfrence of my pizza. 

Sam: I like school, especially Language Arts. 

Emily: I like lunch… food… 

Kristen: I like being the head of student council, bossing people around is my specialty. 

Brooklyn: School is boring, I don’t like it at all. I would much rather play basketball. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed are fun little talk.

Should this be a monthly series…. comment below!

-Geeky_Girl ❤









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